The best Reykjavik restaurants in 2019

Hot springs and geysers are all good and well, but man can’t live on water alone. Iceland‘s largest new attraction is rapidly shaping up to be the food landscape in its own capital. From Mexican tastes to conventional Icelandic specialities, there is a great deal to explore. This Tamara Hinson stocks the two Reykjavik restaurants that you need to put on very top of your hit record.

When you have had your fill of local seafood, then visit this restaurant for delicious Mexican cuisine along with a few seriously experimental cocktails, such as one inspired by cocoa puffs. If you are trying hard to decide, choose the tasting menu, which contains the restaurant’s favorite dishes, such as the langoustine taco along with chimichurri beef noodle.

Ocean fresh fish at Fiskfelagid

Fiskfelagid (significance Fish Company) is considered as Reykjavik’s best seafood restaurant. The chefs provide every dish a exceptional twist with the addition of spices and herbs from all around the planet, while it’s Canadian cinnamon or Estonian thornberry. This is just another restaurant with a wonderful tasting menu. The quirkily-named About Iceland Extravaganza attributes dishes named later (and inspired by) various Icelandic cities.

Dinner with an opinion at Snaps Bistro

You’ll discover Snaps Bistro at the fashionable area of Skolavorduholt, near the town center. Dine here to the magnificent views across town and tasty French meals with an telescopic twist. Our favorite dish? French onion soup made out of Icelandic cheese, though we have also got a soft spot for the mussels, which can be harvested in neighboring Breidafjordur bay.

Haute cuisine in Grillid

This wonderful restaurant are located on the floor of the Radisson BLU Saga resort. It is well worth the effort — that the round dining area at Grillid by char broil grill reviews provides breathtaking views across the sea. The focus is on traditional food with a contemporary twist, while it’s that the flatbread served with hand-dived scallops and apples maintained in vinegar that is rose, or so the charcoal meringue experienced with Sichuan ginger and pepper berries. Sounds bizarre, but it functions.

Cosy reaches Café Loki

Iceland is not the least expensive destination, however Café Loki is evidence which you can enjoy gourmet cuisine without having to spend a small fortune, and there are loads of choices here to vegetarians and vegans, also. You’ll discover this cosy restaurant in downtown Reykjavik, opposite the famed Hallgrímskirkja church, and it is available for breakfast, dinner and lunch. Feeling brave? Clean your dinner with a glass of local (and quite powerful ) schnapps.

Unique flavours in Lava

For starters, it’s constructed into the side of a pond, thus the enormous, natural lava wall.

Wine, ice cream and much more in Hlemmur Food Hall

Reykjavik’s buzzing, amazing food hallway Hlemmur includes a wonderfully diverse assortment of tenants. Our favorites include Braud & Co for yummy baked products, Jómfrúin for conventional open-faced sandwiches and Ísleifur, in which liquid nitrogen is utilized to create the smoothest, creamiest ice cream. Locals also go here in order to stock up on fresh veggies and also to prop the bar up at SKÁL, in which you will discover some wonderful regional beers and a fantastic wine list.

Neighborhood create at Grillmarkaðurinn

Locally-sourced ingredients take center stage at this composed of Reykjavik restaurants, and this includes a wonderfully varied variety of dishes on the menu, which range from hamburgers and steaks to soups and vegetarian desserts. The chefs in Grillmarkaðurinn work closely together with local farms to supply produce. The most well-known things on the guys being the massive steaks, cooked caveman-style, within an open flame. We also love the decoration, including vast expanses of lava and wood rock.

Breakfast like a champ in the Coocoo’s Nest

Our favorite nighttime have been Taco Tuesdays, closely followed by Wednesdays, once the restaurant serves their mythical sourdough pizzas. Fridays and Saturdays are about Italian food. A word of caution — you can not make reservations, so be ready for a brief wait.