The Best Sledding Hills in Boston

Winter turns Boston into a gorgeous wonderland of fantastic sites, incredible entertainment, and some of the best snow sledding hills in the country. How do you pick where to go? Why go sledding at all?

Here’s everything you need to know about sledding in Boston and why it’s such an incredible past-time.

Why Go Sledding?

Sledding is incredible for anyone of any age! Not only does it use your entire body to slide and guide the sled where you want it to go, but it also allows you to get fresh air outside and socialize with people.

These are all incredibly important things to do in the winter, especially in long and chilly winters like Boston’s, that can lead to a mental health epidemic.  

Corey Hill Outlook Park

In Brookline, a neighborhood in Boston, you can have an incredible time sledding down Corey Hill! With long and steep hills that would entertain anyone, and fantastic scenery to look at on the walk back up, this is an awesome place to sled.

If you’re going with kids, it might be a good idea to skip this park, though, since there are a lot of trees at the bottom of the hill, and you want to make sure whoever’s sledding can avoid them. 

The Sugar Bowl

We could all use some excitement after a long day of looking at Boston houses for sale, so it’s important to cut loose in a way that’s fun! At home next to Jamaica Pond, this awesome hill is perfect for younger kids and families that want to ski together.  

The slopes are gradual and slow, and there are no trees near the base of it, which means you can watch your kids having the time of their lives without worrying about them getting hurt. 

Seven Bump Hill

The name of this hill is just as charming as the location itself! Although there’s hot debate about whether or not mountainboarding was invented here, there’s no debate about how much fun this hill is to sled down. This bumpy hill has been inspiring imagination and excitement for years, so if you go down it, try to see if you can count all seven bumps! 

What to Wear for Sledding

When sledding, it’s a good idea to dress in layers. Wearing layers will help to insulate your body and keep you warm. You should also try to wear waterproof clothing since wet clothing can make you cold very quickly. A good pair of gloves and a hat are also essential, as they will help to keep your hands and head warm.

Generally, the goal should be to keep your body as warm and dry as possible while allowing yourself to have fun sledding around in the snow and ice!

Boston Knows How to Have Fun!

Whether this is your first time sledding or you’re a seasoned pro and want to make sure you haven’t missed any awesome destinations, there’s nothing like sledding in Boston. Take the time to get out and enjoy those slopes!