The Building Of Life with Money

Do we build our way of life with money or does the money induce our style of life? The importance of money is evident in our society. Yes, but up to what point? Shouldn’t we rather adapt our way of life according to our means? Is money essential? What is the real role of money? So much questioning mixing money and human values. Let’s rearrange our way of living together.

The Importance Of Money In Our Way Of Life

Let’s be clear, if you come on with the Evergreen Wealth Formula. Wealth is what you want or are in the process of developing your financial wealth. And, in this context the importance of money is no longer to be demonstrated because it is quite simply the very heart of your objective. 

But when it comes to lifestyle, what about? Indeed is money essential for your way of life and how much do you need it? Society, as it is now, pushes us to have a model of existence placed under the sign of excessive consumption. So we always need more money to be able to obtain the last “necessary” products or services, yes but necessary for whom? And at what cost? Because at the same time everything costs more, forcing us to always have more money to consume more and more. An endless circle. So isn’t it time to take stock of what you really need and do, also the balance between the importance of money in society and the importance of money in your life? Without necessarily trying to live without money, let’s at least try to find out how much you really need.

The importance of money in our society

“Money and society”, a subject that we could have in an essay. This does not mean that the issue should not be reflected or thought. Indeed, what makes you need the money? What makes you come to the right idea. Wealth to find solutions to your financial problems, understand how to make good investments or how and in what to invest? The very functioning of our society and this functioning is based on money and what it provides. Because let’s not forget that if we ask ourselves what is money and what is it for, the answer is obvious: it facilitates exchanges that are all. This is his one and only goal.

However, the construction of our society, based on the principles of the capitalist system, makes us think that money and wealth are, in themselves, more important than the simple fact of living! Our company thus offers a model that makes you think that you can meet your needs through consumption and the more you consume the more money you need. 

  • The snake ends up biting its tail. But honestly, do you really need to over consume at all costs? 
  • Do you really need the latest “4K HF Ultra Plus” TV monitor? 
  • The latest smartphone with a screen bigger than a suitcase? 
  • Of a new generation car adjusting the speed of your windshield wipers according to the density of the drops of water making up the rain?


No but seriously, most of the things we offer are just gimmicks, already obsolete before they were purchased. But you are deceived by an image of wealth, and therefore of happiness, which is completely false or at the very least truncated. You think a trip to Bermuda, a nice car or a gold watch is essential and will fulfill all your needs. You are wrong.