The Costs of Furnishing a New Restaurant

So, you decided to take a leap and open a new restaurant. You found the right property for your vision and signed the lease. Maybe your renovations are just about complete. With the help of culinary experts, you’re cultivating a menu that will soon be enjoyed by many. Now, it’s finally time for you to consider how to furnish your restaurant and how much that will cost.

As a business owner, furnishing a restaurant isn’t just about filling a space with objects or maximizing the number of tables and chairs. Finding the perfect lighting establishes ambiance, the right seating keeps your customers seated, and setting an ideal temperature on the thermostat ensures people will stick around longer and possibly even order more food. More importantly, picking the right pieces for your restaurant has a lot to do with value. Below, we’ll talk about furnishing costs from kitchen equipment all the way to commercial ceiling fans and cushioned chairs.

Choose functional pieces to fit your needs.

While it’s good to think about aesthetics, it’s more important to prioritize functionality. For example, the climate inside of a restaurant ensures that customers stay comfortable. Air conditioners tend to rack up a high energy bill, while ceiling fans are more energy-efficient. To get an idea, most restaurants pay $3 per square foot for electricity! You may want to consider indoor ceiling fans with remote control options that make them more convenient. Most industrial ceiling fans also have light fixtures, so you will have to factor in the initial cost of light bulbs. But overall, ceiling fan blades make a significant difference in airflow for both small rooms and larger dining areas. To get an idea, a fan with a modern, matte black finish at Builders Discount Warehouse costs as little as $129 per unit.

Learn to invest in good kitchen equipment.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of commercial kitchen equipment is probably the fact that it’s costly. These tend to be big-ticket items like freezers and refrigerators. Thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to learn how to finance restaurant equipment through The Restaurant Warehouse. As a business owner, it’s crucial to learn the ins and outs of your financing options. You’ll have to consider whether monthly payments will be fixed, if a down payment is required, or if you can access other methods of funding for your small business. With the right financing, some equipment can cost as low as $70 a month per appliance.

Keep your theme simple to cut down on costs.

When it comes to furnishing a new restaurant, keep in mind that intricate themes will cost more. While an authentic statue from an Italian artist will fit your theme, it comes at a price. The best advice to follow is to keep your motif simple. So, if you ever decide to refresh the space, your fixtures can still match the finishes you’ve chosen initially. Restaurant decor can cost well up to $80,000 on average. Needless to say, simpler is better!

Don’t underestimate the power of good seating.

Choosing the right seating isn’t just about maximizing the number of people who will pay to eat. It’s about keeping guests comfortable enough to stay longer. When a party stays seated, they tend to keep ordering more refreshments and food. Searching for secondhand decor is a great option, but you should never skimp out on sturdy dining sets. It’s important to prioritize high-quality seating. Customers always notice wobbly dining tables and chairs without cushions. The cost of a typical bistro set starts at a mere $150.

When it comes to the costs of a new restaurant, business owners tend to spend around $250,000. So, when it comes to furnishing your business, remember to learn about the best financing options and look for lower interest rates. Stick to a simple theme and choose functional pieces that last!