The Different Types of Air Compressors and its Importance   

As the name suggests, the air compressors are powerful machines that are designed to compress air, creating in this way kinetic energy that can be used for various applications. The compressors are the most common air tools which are used in many facilities. Thanks to their robust design, long service life and simple installation, the air compressors are number one choice for many industrial facilities, like automotive, plastics, paint and panel, food and beverage, manufacturing and many other industry sectors.

It is a machine that takes in air and compresses it consequently leading to a rise in pressure within the tank and not as much pressure beyond the tank. It has the power to offer the owner with electricity at several levels. Air compressors in servicing Singapore are more than just convenient to avail since it is assured that these machines could take a definite quantity of fluid (usually a gas, often air) and deliver it at required pressure.

The usage of compressed air is not limited only to industries, but they are also used in manufacturing, welding, constructions, power plants, ships, automobile plants, painting shops, and for filling breathing apparatus too. Thus there are so many types of air compressors used specifically for the above purposes. Let us discuss the different types of air compressors.

Piston Type –Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors are preferred for delivery pressure up to 8 bar with relatively low flow rate. Single or Two stages compression with inter cooling between stages is commonly used for airflow rate up to 20,000 cubic metres.

Diaphragm Type Compressor

Compression takes place in the space-separated by the diaphragm. The advantage of these compressors is the oil-free compressed air can be produced. Suitable for Food and

Pharmaceutical industries.

Screw Compressor

Screw compressor is used for moderate flow rates and moderate pressures up to 8 bar and flow rates up to 15,000 cubic metres. It has the greatest advantage of noise-free operation compared to piston-type compressors as well as low energy consumption.

Rotary screw air compressor

The rotary screw air compressor has become a popular source of compressed air for industrial applications. Air enters a sealed chamber where it is trapped between two contra-rotating rotors. As the rotors intermesh, they reduce the volume of trapped air and deliver it compressed to the proper pressure level. This allows the rotary screw air compressor to operate with temperatures approximately one half that generated by a reciprocating compressor.

Importance of Air Compressors

An air compressor is very helpful when you run a power washing business, and it also helps you to fill tires in the garage. You could use a small air compressor in your home to manage your car. They can be bought in various sizes, and you must choose your own needs.

Many of you don’t know that an air compressor can play a huge role in purifying the air. This is one of the effective methods to keep the air clean enough to breathe. Many fire departments use these to allow them to breathe easily in risky situations. This is also a great tool for the military who may take part in water missions.

Many small businesses or industries need an air compressor. They are a very useful power supply for various reasons. It is a device that transforms power into energy. One of the multiple methods is, it forces air eventually into the storage tank and increases the pressure. The air compressor shuts down immediately after it reaches its limits.

The amount of energy from an air compressor is used in washing or to pump tires. Consider the best option for your business and what happens if you need one for your industry. You need to maintain the air compressor that you choose perfectly. You need to trust the machine and let it do its job.

If you need an air compressor for your company or industry, you need to consider its accuracy, capability, and how long it will last. And, these will help you to choose the perfect one for your business.

Safety Precautions

It is very important to keep the equipment in a safe place. They also come with safety features, so it makes them easier to use. When you choose an air compressor for the right size of the project, it is important to follow the instructions of the device. These devices should be checked before you use it, and it has shut off switches to maintain safety.

Select a suitable environment for the air compressor. Do not use it indoors. Do a daily check at a fixed time to ensure everything is okay. Make sure to wear eye and ear protection while using the device. Don’t try to change the oil or fuel while using the air compressor, either, or it’ll result in a fire accident.

Beware of grounded electrical outlets or it’ll damage the electrical panels of the air compressor. Use of a proper extension cord for your unit. A long cord can save power or any upcoming damages to the unit. Secure the hose fittings. If they aren’t tight enough, it can hinder the performance of the compressor. Be close with the shut-off valve as you can shut it down when needed without searching for it. Make the cords or hoses well hidden; it’ll save from trip hazards.

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