The different varieties of incense styles available in the market

The burning of joss sticks is a prevalent relaxation method. It is used in different places all over the globe. The different fragrances that are used in incense have their significance. You can get incense from joss stick supplier Malaysia. Here are the different types of incense available in the market and their use.

Burning incense

Coil incense

This incense style is usually found in a coil form. The coil incense is favoured because of its long burning period. Suppose you plan to spread fragrance across a large area like a hotel lobby, a hall or a large room. In that case, you should go for coil incense.

Cone incense

As the name suggests, the cone incense is available in the form of a cone. Since in cone shape, the tip has less scent, and as you go down, the aroma molecules increase; thus, when the stick is burned, the fragrance goes stronger when the lower part of the cone is burnt. This instance is perfect if you plan to scent a room in a concise period.

Stick incense

Also referred to as 业批发, this incense stick type and style is the most popular one. This incense is primarily available in stick form. It is normally used for religious purposes or for spreading the fragrance across a large room. The burning time of the incense depends on the length of the stick. Since these sticks usually have a uniform thickness, the fragrance given out by the stick is released gradually.

Heating incense

Heated incense required longer preparation times. However, the quality makes sure that the person receiving the fragrance has a relaxing time.

Aromatic wood

There are two ways in which the scent of aromatic wood can be experienced. The first method is referred to as Mon-Koh. In this method, a tiny piece of fragrant wood is used. The other process is referred to as ‘Soradaki’. This method is used for perfuming the entire room. Aromatic wood fragrances create a charming and relaxing atmosphere.

Kneaded incenses

Such incenses are traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. In this, the scents are blended, kneaded and then left to mature in an earthenware pot for a period of 3 to 5 years. These incenses give out a creamy and sweet sense. They are not ignited by fire. Instead, charcoal or a wood chip heater is used for heating such incenses.


This type of incense is also known as pressed incense. For this, first, a blended fragrance is prepared. These blended incenses are poured into fancy moulds. Such incenses are available in various shapes like the moon, flowers, etcetera. Such incenses are heated and not directly burned.

The final type of incense is available in sachets. These have blends of camphor, sandalwood, clove and other spices. These spices are kept in a cloth pouch and are mainly used for protecting clothes and other housedold items from insects. These frangrances are not used for relaxation purposes.