The dynamics of the poker game: expert guide!

Understand that poker is a game of people, that’s why, not always who has the best hand is the one who will win the round, if you kick your opponents out of the hand through betting, you win that hand. Regardless of the modality, poker plays are made up of 5 cards. In Texas Hold’em, which is the most played mode, you will receive 2 cards and 5 community cards will be opened on the board, totaling 7 cards that you can use to assemble the best move, which in this case is a combination of 5 cards. The good news is that you can play any type of poker game online at Bandarqq.

Table positions

Position is very important in poker. The Dealer button is the one who marks the positions on the table, in home games; the dealer is the one who will deal the cards. To the left of the dealer are the small blind and the big blind, which are the starting positions of poker. These, need to call a bet right from the start and are also the first to speak after the flop, so they are the worst positions in poker. The best position is precisely the button, which after the flop is the last to speak!

Pre-flop actions

As the small blind and the big blind need to pay half a blind and one blind, respectively, in the pre-flop they gain the advantage of speaking last. Starting from the left of the big blind and moving clockwise, players need to decide their action between: betting, calling, folding or rising.


As soon as the pre-flop mode ends, on the table, you turn over the 1st three community cards. These cards are known as flop. Another round of betting takes place, starting with the small blind or the successor on the left, if he has left. 


The turn refers to the fourth community card and another betting round with the same options as the previous round. Each round of betting is called street and, after the flop, is always initiated by the small blind or its successor.


Now is the moment of truth. The river is the fifth and last card on the board, where we separate the men from the boys. We also have another round of betting that, when finished, if at least 2 players remain, they go to the show down. Players will reveal their cards and the winner is the one who has the best play according to the hand ranking shown above.

Poker is both simple and complex, after all, learning the rules of the game and the best hands will not take 10 minutes. Now master the game, it can take a lifetime.