The Facts on Teen Mental Health


Mental Health is not, never has been, nor ever will be a laughing matter. Everyone deserves to
live the best life that they can in Centerville. Doing that may sound impossible to just about any
Centerville resident, particularly for a teen. For a normal teen, growing up comes with
insecurities and peer pressure that seem insurmountable. Sometimes more than what the teen
may have been expecting. It all may seem both distressing and confusing, like no one can
understand what you’re going through. So the only way to go through it is alone, right?
Absolutely not. We are not wired to withstand our personal qualms all by ourselves. There is
nothing wrong with calling out for help. That’s what therapy is for.

There is a certain stigma to therapy that it’s meant only for deeply disturbed individuals. That
couldn’t be further from the truth. As unbelievable as it may sound, everyone has their own
personal issues to work on. Especially for teens. Our numerous imperfections are what makes
us human. In order for us to feel happy and safe with ourselves, we need to understand who we
are. Even though you may have been taught otherwise, that isn’t something that can be done

Therapy provides us with the assistance we need to get past our internal obstacles. Some of
these said obstacles aren’t just exclusive to teens. Young children and fully grown adults also
need this help too. They can include anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, problems with
relationships, marriage, or emotion regulation. A trained professional who can run a therapy
session can help put things in perspective to help both teens and adults get past that.
That does not make it an easy process. Therapy is not supposed to be quick. Understanding the
mind of a child, teen, or adult that is in dire need of therapy comes with many complexities.
Fixing the human mind can be even more complex. For this, you need the right therapy so that
you can get the best help.

There are facilities in Centerville that can provide effective therapy, but the best bet that can
help everyone, from kids to teens to fully grown adults is to come to South Davis Psychological
Services. Their doctors will get you the help that you not only need, but deserve as well.
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