The Glow of Advertising Industry: Stadium Led Screens

Stadium led screens are used for football, basketball, volleyball as well as many other sports fields. Led display systems surround the area where sports events are held and provide advertisement broadcasting. These kinds of led displays are called led advertising boards. In general, screen sizes are created by combining 96×96 cm panels to give the best image quality. The size of the field may vary depending on the area of ​​the live advertisement broadcast and the distance between the audience and the screen. The advertising area screen can be produced in the desired length and without interruption. For those who want to play digital advertising space and video, it is one of the most suitable options to have. Advertising broadcasts are made as desired with a very fast, instant intervention. In today’s technology, many fields and indoor sports halls have started to use this system.

What Are The Distinctive Feature Of Stadium Led Screens?

The panels in the manufacture of led screens are designed to prevent injuries to athletes. For this reason, the material used in the field led screens should be covered with soft masks under European standards. In addition, as a result of impacts such as ball strikes, the led outer protection tabs will be broken if there is no soft material. and it will directly affect the image quality of the product. The special silicone material on the top of the product covers the exposed metal parts, preventing both a stylish appearance and possible accidents. Otherwise, injuries, penalties, bans, loss of sponsors, and financial losses may occur. 

Stadium led panels should have different brightness and resolution for outdoor and indoor use. Led panels used in open areas such as football fields should never lose their image quality in outdoor and high daylight. It is not possible to get full efficiency from a product with a brightness level lower than 7000 nits. Also, the scanning speed should be at least ¼. This speed determines the quality of flowing images. The distance between the led panels should be a maximum of 10 mm. Products that will be above this cause pixelation and dispersion in the images.

What Are The Possibilities To Get Different Functions With Led Screen Panels?

You can rotate as many advertisements as you want in the stadium led screen panels, for as long as you want. When you need to remove or add advertisements, you can immediately intervene in the system. Any printing process related to this, removing, attaching the advertising printing, etc. The system is installed in a way that can be controlled by a computer. The features of the computer to be used differ according to the led screens produced according to the field criteria and the cards used. In stadium led screens, you can display a fixed image such as a logo on the screen, as well as easily play video animated images. You can use the screens as a whole, as a single piece, you can also put different ads in the desired sections, you can adjust the advertising durations according to your desire and broadcast them on the screens according to the animation you choose.

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