The makeshift of Reel to Real

Whether Covid came to make you understand that blockbusters and million-dollar films heroes cannot save the world and real and reel is different. The sudden shift of the big screens to the small screen, everything online, halting of film production and closing of cinemas. The future existence of the blockbusters remains still as a question mark with the sword of Douglas hanging over us. When will the audience feel like coming back to the theatres? How long can the film industry strive thinking only about the blockbuster? Hollywood relies not only on Europe but on the rest of the world too. A crunch on this has come after corona and as they are blooming themselves with the budget self-sufficient economy.

Drifting to the streaming series, the Hollywood stars are ready to appear on Netflix. So the film industry should adapt and rebuild it. There is no use looking into the stellar cast and high-profile cinemas. Where going to a movie was part of our social life, like shopping and eating out. Now people are afraid to spend time together where is the future of blockbusters?

The new trend of budget filming is reshaping the film industry. People have not stopped watching movies, they only stopped the social way of watching movies. TV shows and lower budget films get a real hit as people find themselves freer. Low-budget, single-camera films can set the vision of the future. With digital technologies, AR, and AI introduced, the film can be produced without many economic expenses. There comes a shift of man to machine. Live auctions will be completely changed into simulated versions. Though this may sound strange, even after the pandemic the film production may evolve into a new sector according to the necessities of the future.

Let’s look at how the movie industry is striving now in streaming….

Whether temporary or permanent, Hollywood has moved to stream services. This transition can be difficult for film production companies, but not for people. Maximum communication happens online. From the 91-year-old grandma to a teenage attending child is the viewer of Netflix and Amazon. When the viewer evolves to such a stage what can the theatres and malls do?

Before the pandemic itself people were enjoying watching the movies on a small screen, pandemic has just catalysed the activity. The leverage of the theatre chains has gone.So here is the entry of low-budget films, less shooting, few actors’ endless production cost these movies are more real and appealing. From little miss sunshine of 2009 to Moonlight, there are fewer budget films that made a difference in the cinema. With several Oscars won, the movie was very much accepted by the audience. So is the case of Blair Witch and Get Out .Have a look at the red rock entertainment testimonials.

Now where budget is lacking, creativity should gain control. Tell a unique story and the aim should not be to compete with the big studios, but in this pandemic situation you have no such competence, it would be an easy win. Thrillers, psychological ones, and sci-fi can be easily planned on the same. The budget for “Paranormal Activity” was just around 15000 USD, but rather was a hit. So it is not about money. So low budget films can flourish at this time …If you can, you will.