The Perfect Use of the Lepin Bricks

Would you take building material seriously whose appearance resembles the bricks of a well-known designer? Many of you will probably answer no. However, in fact, we are talking about a rather effective material that can be used for the construction of critical structures that must withstand heavy loads. Today we will talk more about the brands and parameters of these building elements. The use of the Lego Alternative comes perfect now.

What is a Lepin brick 

Like the parts of a designer familiar to all, with protruding parts and recesses, this building material works on the same principle. In fact, applying it, we assemble the same constructor, but we only build from it not toys, but real houses. Moreover, the technical characteristics of the material allow it to withstand heavy loads, which allows you to create from it both internal and load-bearing walls. The widespread use of this material in the toys is much discussed. 

Material Composition Lepin brick is based on lime screenings or sand. Moreover, the smaller the fragments of these rocks, the better the strength characteristics. Portland cement is used as a bonding element. The blocks also contain water and dyes (the latter give the material a spectacular appearance). All this is bonded to each other on special equipment by hyperpressing.

The Adavantages

  • The advantages of building material Strength allows lepin brick to be successfully used in the construction of multi-storey buildings.
  • Water absorption is only 5-6 percent, which makes this material suitable for use in regions with a humid climate.
  • Due to the low level of water absorption, the latter does not accumulate in the structure of the brick and does not destroy it with decreasing temperature and ice formation. 
  • The material can withstand two hundred cycles of freezing and thawing.
  • Machines for the manufacture of these building materials are very compact, therefore, as in the case of foam concrete, this type of brick can be made directly at the place of work.
  • The weight of the material is very small, so its use does not require the presence of a buried massive foundation.

The cavities inside the material allow for easy wiring.

The brick has an attractive appearance and a large number of colors. After installation, the wall from it can be operated without further decoration. The masonry speed of this building block is several times higher than that of ordinary brick. Since these building materials are fitted together very tightly, the consumption of glue is extremely small (Manufacturers say that less than a quarter of a center of the adhesive mass will take 500 bricks to process). Pretty cheap building material. Important! In numerous videos, the process of laying this brick is shown very simply and it is repeatedly stated that for the successful construction of walls in this way you will not need the knowledge of masons and in general anyone can do this.