The plight of print media advertising and the advent of digital ad agencies

In times of covid19, one of the most affected industries is the print media industry. The print media industry is facing difficulties because common men have developed a notion. Most people across the globe think that the novel coronavirus can spread through the paper. This has resulted in people boycotting newspapers. And this trend of boycotting not only affected the print media industry, but it has also created many problems for the advertising industry as well. Like most of the print, advertising ideas had to be scrapped due to this emerging phenomenon. However, this has led to a good trend as well; that is, more and more corporate houses and companies are now looking to go online and on-air with corporate video contents.

The quest to find a suitable story for digital ads

Now when it comes to digital video content, three things are needed for consideration. Firstly, the most important aspect of digital advertising is to find a suitable story. You see, unlike a prime advertisement, a digital ad must contain a story. Otherwise, people will not invest their time in the advertisement. Now, as you all know, the story must have three parts the beginning, the middle, and the end. But making sure that all these parts are distinguished from one another and to fit the story in that limited time span of an ad is the real tough job. This is to say that to make a unique story, and to concise it in an advertisement is what makes it hard.

The second hurdle in creating online ads

Now, if you land on a good story, the second hurdle in this job is to make sure that the story is well represented on the screen. This is a highly technical aspect of corporate video making. This is to say that all the technical aspects of a corporate video must be taken into account. This includes the lighting, the camera set-up, and the colors. All of this is needed to be of the perfect balance to bring the most out of the story. And once the story manifests the visual beauty in the right manner, one can move onto fixing the last aspect of corporate video and ad content.

The need for personal reflection in digital content creation

The last and perhaps the most important aspect of making corporate video content is to make sure it has a personal reflection. That is to say that people will only watch an advertisement if it connects with them. This creation of connection is very important for the content creator as well. Because creating an ad may be easy, but creating a relatable story and presenting it in the form of an advertisement is what makes it all the more important. Like Gillespie productions, which are creating quality content for a corporate that meets all the criteria mentioned earlier. You can see their work are on their website at