The Right Frame to Preserve Your Memories

As a Texan, you probably have many beautiful memories of outdoor trips with your family. You might have thought of preserving some photographs by choosing a shop for custom picture framing in Texas City, TX. But do you know that apart from photos, you can also frame other items?

You can frame anything that is of particular relevance to you. Framing these articles not only preserves them but also adds value to the memory. You can keep them on display as decoration.

You can browse through many creative ideas to suit your object of framing. In this article, you can learn about ideas of objects you can frame.


Some objects remind us of a person or a particular day. It can be anything that holds special relevance. Some people frame the gloves with which they caught their first ball. Others want to frame the flowers from their first date. Customize the frame with a bit of breadth for objects that are not flat. The extra space will keep the item from tampering.

By opting for services like custom picture framing in Texas City, TX, you will be reminded of that day or person every time to catch a glimpse of it. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be about you. Framed souvenirs can form a special present that you can give your loved one.

Your children’s artwork

The little scribbles and attempts of art are precious to parents. It is a reminder of their cuteness and years of growth. Framing them will bring back memories for years. Also, it looks adorable sitting on yours. The guests who visit can also notice them and give little tokens of appreciation. Most importantly, it’s a way of showing your children that you are proud of them.

A great way to pick a frame for this would be to ask your children. Getting them could be a fun activity. Give them a few options of solid color frames and ask them to choose. You can also hang a series of paintings framed in primary blue, green and red colors.

Recipes or notes

All families have that special recipe that carries forward for generations. It holds sentimental value for people. So if your grandma has finally revealed the secret recipe, it’s perfect for framing. A frame with a rustic vintage vibe would be perfect for this.

Another on-paper thing you can post is a handwritten letter or a note. If someone has poured their heart out or has written a wholesome note, it should go on the wall! Choose a frame that has delicate edges. Subtle pastel color with matte touch looks lovely holding a letter.

Photographs or just nothing

Hanging enlarged images of family pictures or photographs you took never goes out of style! Stick to the basics and showcase your talent or family. It is one of the most common things that people like to frame. You can choose any type of frame that suits the particular picture.

All the above ideas can be interesting, but sometimes the frames are beautiful enough to hang on the wall. If you love a frame, just hang it by itself! It is a unique style that looks amazing in sets. You could also use this technique as a hack. Just put a frame around the wall with cracks or discoloration; it’ll change into an antique artwork!

Final Say

Decorating your walls and mantle piece with framed objects can upgrade your drawing area. The artistic touch adds sophistication to the house.

If you choose the perfect frame for your piece, it’ll elevate its importance. The object’s color, texture, and frame materials decide the kind of framing you need. It will constantly remind you of your loved one or that special moment.