Time can take away the youth from our faces but not from our hearts. If you want to look as youthful and as young as you feel, Facelift Miami is the surgical procedure to go for. This procedure has been designed so that it smoothens out and firms the skin, which will take years off your face. In this surgical procedure, the facial and neck skin is lifted and tightened. In some cases, there is the removal of excess fat deposits. The procedure of facelift is increasingly becoming a popular choice to fight the signs of aging. If you are planning to undergo this procedure, here is all that you need to know about it.

Why should you opt for a facelift?

Age, stress and sun radiations are just some of the many factors which can cause the skin to sag and fit more loosely. The skin on the face and neck, especially the jawline, is vulnerable to the aging process. However, these changes are gradual, but the wrinkles, sagging of the skin, and other signs of aging can make one feel older than they truly are. The facelift procedure consists of various facial cosmetic procedures that help to fight the signs of aging. Those who are in their forties or above should consider undergoing this procedure.

What are some of the common side effects?

Whenever you plan to undergo any cosmetic procedure, you must know all the considerations, side effects, and possible complications before you go under the knife. This will help you to be prepared. After having undergone the facelift, a lot of patients feel tightness. Mainly medication is prescribed to help relieve this discomfort. Numbness, swelling of the skin, especially around the incision sites, and bruising are other common side effects. If you experience any of them, don’t worry. They will subside in a few days. However, bruising might take longer to fade away. You can also expect to scar, but the surgeons usually take great care in placing them as discretely as possible. Still, the incisions might remain pinkish for several months before they start fading into a less noticeable white color.

Who is the right candidate?

You must have relatively good skin elasticity and a strong bone structure. The skin on the face and neck should be loose. When the skin is supple and more flexible, the recovery time becomes shorter because the facelift procedure involves stretching the facial skin to smoothen out the appearance of wrinkles. Whereas having a strong bone structure helps to provide an excellent base for the skin. Hence, it allows you to have superior results. The candidates who have less defined features can improve their facial structure with the help of dermal fillers or facial implants. This will help to enhance the results of the facelift. The individuals who smoke and who suffer from medical conditions like heart disease, bleeding disorder, or any illness which might hinder the healing process are not suitable candidates.