These are the Places to Visit in the Forest this Winter

Although it can be tempting to stay indoors and hibernate throughout the winter, it is better for your mind and body to get out and about during the winter months. As well as this, it is a great reason to update your winter wardrobe with cosy knitwear like this mens Ralph Lauren jumper!

One of the best places to visit at this time of the year is the Forest of Dean. This area of outstanding natural beauty in Gloucestershire not only offers some of the most beautiful views and enjoyable walking routes, but when the weather is tipping down with rain there are also a wide range of other places you can enjoy if you are not up for getting soaked!

Puzzle Wood – This beautiful woodland has an enchanted feel to it – the unusual floor caverns, the mossy banks and the twisted tree routes all make this wood feel as though you have been transported into fairy land.

Puzzlewood: the mossy forest crossed by artisanal Roman pathways - Aleph

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Soudley Ponds – If you want a romantic place to enjoy a peaceful winter walk this is the place for you. The ponds surrounded by the huge trees create a stunning vista as you stroll around them.

Forest of Dean - local places of scenic interest.

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Clearwell Caves – These caves are great for a rainy day – deep beneath the forest floor you get to see another side to the area and learn about the mining that went on under here for years.