Things That Can Be Used To Resolve Disputes

Property disputes often occur, especially in the modern era like now.
A lot of housing and property continue to emerge, which then results in an increased risk of property disputes.
In general, this dispute arises because there are 3 things, namely default, actions against the law, and there is one party who feels aggrieved.
The dispute was triggered by problems during pre-construction, construction, and when the property was occupied.

The person concerned must also be able to deal with the dispute properly, in this case, resolve it quickly and accurately.
In general, there are two methods of dispute resolution that can be done, namely Litigation Advice.
Litigation is carried out using a legal approach.
Meanwhile, non-litigation is carried out using the method of settlement outside the law.

In essence, the development of the times is judged by the success of the implementation of development in a country.

Property is one of the basic necessities for human life and is a development asset that has strategic value for the achievement of a just and prosperous society both from a material and spiritual perspective.

In principle, the implementation of agrarian reform regarding the renewal and management of natural resources must pay attention to social functions and roles so that in its use it can provide the maximum benefit for the community.

In addition, sustainability needs to be considered by carrying out restructuring, control, ownership, use, and utilization of natural resources, especially inland issues with due regard to the purpose of land ownership.

The static nature of the land, relatively fixed and does not change in size, results in an imbalance of land availability with great needs and will create a conflict of interest between various aspects as well as behavior and attitudes of the community by prioritizing rights over obligations.
This will have implications for the losses of various parties.
This condition then triggers land disputes in various regions which are increasing day by day.

The emergence of land disputes is partly because land mainly in urban areas has become a prima donna commodity.

In just ten years, the price of land in cities has doubled by about 200-500%.

This is because it is supported by the development activities that are taking place around these lands.

Development activities that take place around the disputed land have contributed to an increase in the value of the land so that the price can soar and make the land a source of disputes.

Apart from that, it is also a trigger that is no less important for the occurrence of various land disputes besides the main reason, namely the increasing imbalance of population growth with the available land area.

Remove Caveat is a process, method, the act of resolving (various things such as settlement/solution).

The emergence of disputes can be due to various factors, among others, the negligence of the developer, the consumer’s lack of understanding of the existing laws and procedures, the negligence of consumers, the incomplete existing legal instruments, and the lack of control from the government.

Disputes in a business relationship are normal. However, dispute prevention is important.