Things to Consider When Looking for a Party Venue


You have probably already considered your location when looking for a party venue. For a local event, you might be searching for a venue within a reasonable distance from many attendees’ homes or places of work. If many attendees will be traveling from out of town, a venue close to the airport or even their resorts will be beneficial. In whichever case, do not neglect to consider traffic, transportation, and parking choices. Our party center is centrally located giving you ease of access to all major freeways in Draper, Utah.

If you want to decrease the chance for your attendees to be overdue, provide them using a mobile event program, which is essentially a standard nowadays. With GPS maps, driving directions, and parking/shuttle information at their fingertips, your attendees will feel relieved. If the place is within a large campus or institute, maps together with hooks especially help a lot. For occasions with exhibitions, posters, or concurrent sessions, interactive indoor maps can help attendees handily navigate.


A party venue with a parking lot is exactly what dreams are made from. If that is not the case, are there parking lots nearby that attendees could use and access? Be certain to ask about our parking.

Ability and Minimums

What’s the potential? You’ll have to know the room capacity of the places for a few factors. To begin with, 500 people (if it is your estimated event size) can not comfortably fit into a room using a 250-person capacity. And next, there are safety and fire codes that the place must abide by. Last, we’re still in a pandemic so you will have to account for COVID restrictions.

Which are the F&B Minimums? If your party venue features beverages or food and sets a minimum food and beverage spending quantity (known as an F&B minimal ), ensure that the past F&B records from the prior events are in accord with the minimal. If you quote a whole lot more F&B spending than what the party venue demands, it means you would be a fantastic client to them.

How to make adjustment based on attendee feedback? It’s important to be able to generate an educated alteration for a size of a room or F&B right before or during your event. It is possible to easily headcount or collect instant feedback through live polling on an occasion program , which save you time and money. Listed below are 85 event survey questions and live survey examples in ready-to-use templates.

Services and Amenities

Does the party venue have a kitchen and will it supply catering to your event? If so, many times a place will subtract the facility fee and only charge a down payment together with the cost of food for each attendee. Those places without kitchen facilities might have a partnership with a food provider that you are required to use. You might choose to check their food in advance. When it is not good enough, it can create a negative influence on your attendees’ experiences. Thus, either proceed with a party venue which serves good food or permits you to bring in outside food sellers.

Does it have tables, accessories and chairs you may use?

If a venue has these things, you can save a great deal of effort and money by using what they have, assuming it matches your own theme and ambiance.

Paul Leongas is the owner of the Curragh Irish pub among other great establishments. If a venue has these things, you can save a great deal of effort and money by using what they have, assuming it matches your own theme and ambiance.

Can it have a setup/clean up crew?

If you’ve found a venue which provides a set up and clean up crew, rejoice! This isn’t always the case. If these services aren’t available you will need to build your event group or locate volunteers

Does it have AV capabilities? Some venues have a built-in equipment that you utilize, and others will require you to bring that in yourself.

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