Things to Inspect When Buying Used Forklifts for Sale

A lot of business establishments are using various equipment that can help in making work faster and more convenient. However, cash flow is important in any organization, this is why they can’t always buy the latest models for their daily activities. They have to look for cost-effective and efficient methods of how they can avail their needs.

As you’ll notice, most factories and warehouses are using forklift trucks to carry items in large quantities. That’s because carrying a few loads would be very slow and not an ideal option when orders come in bulk. To solve such issues, some establishments buy used forklifts for sale instead of new ones.

Pretty sure that big firms can afford the latest models, but small companies may lack funds or tighten their belts. In my opinion, second-hand items would be fine as long as they function well because every cent you spend must be returned through profit. Therefore, if you’re interested in purchasing used forklift trucks, then inspect each unit properly.


You’re surely in need of these trucks because they’ll be beneficial in various ways.

  • It costs too much to get a truck because you can buy 2 used forklifts with 1 new unit.
  • You won’t even purchase this if it’s not very useful. But you’re getting a second-hand model since it’s affordable.
  • Expanding your capabilities in the workplace.
  • Increasing your production.
  • Faster and negotiable deals. Thus, you won’t have to waste time.
  • Can be reliable when bought with reputable brand names.

Things to Inspect

Before investing your money in second-hand models, you have to inspect them thoroughly. Keep in mind that you’re not purchasing them because they’re cheap. Functionality and quality must still be considered.

You’re a consumer anyway, thus, you have all the right to be meticulous. So we have here a few things that you must check out before taking the offer.

Cracked Parts

The price could be affordable, but if there are cracks– read to learn from experiences; will you still buy them? Scratches and dents are normal because this truck was used to load objects. However, if the crack found is severe, then using this won’t even take long knowing how often it will used.

Don’t forget that these forklifts are supposed to carry heavy loads. Light cracks may get worse soon, so I suggest not to consider taking them. Therefore, you have to look thoroughly, especially at the welded marks.

If there are damages, then I doubt if you still want to have it. But if there’s a way to fix the issue, then you can discuss the costs with the seller. In this way, you can get it for a cheaper price since you’ll be repairing the equipment.

Battery Power

Most of the units are designed with batteries that may last for up to five years. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much time is left because this can be replaced. However, you have to make sure that the battery is still working and can be used for years.

Check the condition and find out if there are no leaks or corrosion. If it’s good, then there’s a chance that this was handled with care and may have been changed.



It’s very important to look at the condition of the engine because it must be good. You can check this by turning the equipment on and running it. If you could open the compartment, then see how the engine looks.

From there, you’ll know if oil is leaking through the level so pull out the dipstick to verify.  The belt should be tight and lubricated as well. There should be a filter and this must be clean.


This must be in good running condition and you can say that if it’s running smoothly. To verify, the forks must be raised. By doing so, you’ll know that there’s an issue through a damaged link chain.

Sometimes, something is wrong with the rollers, too, due to wear and tear. When the rollers are lopsided they could have lacked lubricants and weren’t properly maintained.


You surely don’t want it running and leaving traces whenever it passes through. If you’re not aware that something is leaking, then you’ll keep on driving it even when it’s damaged.

To find the root of the leak, you have to check on the radiation, transmission, and mast cylinder to name a few. Leaks from oil shouldn’t be ignored – go here to learn why.


This is very important because you’ll be moving heavy loads. It’s prone to wear and tear but with high-quality tires, but shouldn’t wear off.

It would be great if the seller could replace them before selling the unit. If you can assess the condition, then you may have to negotiate for the price. Getting a discount would be good, thus, you should know how much a new tire costs.