Thrilling Mystery & Detective Games for Kids

With all these engaging puzzles and investigative adventures for children, your children may be the next Holmes Holmes or Nancy Drew. They’ll become giddy with anticipation as they utilize one‘s investigative abilities to solve the complex puzzles for each exhilarating encounter.

Allow children to imagine being actual investigators as they use the evidence to solve a case and practice logic and reasoning. Do check this: detektivspiel kinder

There are a variety of investigative entertainment options, ranging from puzzle gameplay to getaway chamber games, I Spy, as well as treasure hunts. All of those are great for festive occasions, school games, family activity nights, and sometimes when you’re trapped at home on some kind of gloomy day.

I promise you, after your children start enjoying these entertaining investigative games, they will indeed be addicted!

Browse our selection of the top investigator games to select the optimal mysterious activities for the children.

We need to get ourselves set to always have a great time with the kids by engaging in a variety of intriguing puzzle and investigator games. Every one of these activities is enjoyable to play about with the entire family or with a bunch of children during festive occasions.


This is a pretty good game for the young investigators. Using shredded or shaved paper as well as little figurines to find, you’ll make a multisensory bin.

Begin by looking through your residence for little figurines or purchasing a few at Dollar Store. Every figure will require 2 versions. In my household, for instance, I spotted dice, automobiles, and companion animal figures to utilize.

After that, put a few of the matched pairs of figurines in a container and combine them along with the paper shavings. Then, beside the containers, place the second identical figure so that the children know what they’re looking for when they’re looking for a matching figurine.

Offer your youngsters a different apparatus and tell them to start looking for the identical figurines in the rubbish. When they’ve discovered a small object in the garbage, have them compare it to the ones from the outside.

Secret Message

Allow the children to send somebody an unseen message using a magic marker. Then assist your young investigator in decoding the message.

For the invisible ink, you’ll need bicarbonate of soda, water, a Q-tip, a brush, sheets, as well as grape juice.

To begin, combine equal amounts of bicarbonate of soda and water in a mixing basin. Allow the children to soak the Q-tips in the bicarbonate soda solution and leave a note on their sheet.

Children also can put a note upon that sheet using a pen to mask the fact that there may be a secret meaning. Leave the sheet to dry thoroughly after you’ve finished.

When it’s dried, use grape juice to unveil the hidden message. To discover the hidden code, the children should dab a paintbrush first into grape juice and then brush across the paper. The grape juice should vary in color when it reacts with sodium bicarbonate.

Prepared to have a ton of fun mysteries and investigator activities with your children? I wish this will pique your children’s interest in solving mysteries.