Tips for buying printing t-shirts online

The mission: buy T-shirts that will last for long time in our closets and help put together several different looks. How to make a sure investment, spend little and guarantee those t-shirts that will really match the pieces since we have them in the wardrobe? Buying clothes online is becoming more and more common and easier, but some doubts may still arise. Will it serve me? Is the quality good? And for these doubts, we bring you some tips on how to buy t-shirts online.


To choose clothing online you must first understand what models are available. It is the store’s responsibility to make all of this very clear on the product page. The shirts are “bald collar” and the baby-looks are V-neck. In addition, the cut is a little different: the baby-look has slightly smaller sleeves than the shirt and is also a little shorter in height.

Print quality

Before buying, find out how the printing process is used on the product you want. Nowadays there are several ways to print fabric, research about the durability of what you are buying. Select the online store that offers you customized Digital T-shirt printing service. The serigraphic process is an art, done manually and carefully on each shirt. The process applies the ink through a silk screen and is done in stages: each color of the design is applied separately, one at a time. This process guarantees durability, bright colors and resistance to washing.

Measurements and sizes

Today we can easily find cool t-shirts in any store. One of the biggest doubts about buying clothes online is getting the size right. The perfect is to have some piece at home and use it as a reference for comparing measurements. Have a look at the online size chart, and just compare the size of your favorite T-shirt with the measurements that you have taken.

Exchanges or returns

Before buying anything in any virtual store it is important to know what the store’s exchange and return policy is. Remember that you are always protected by the consumer protection code. The code guarantees that you have up to 7 days after receiving the product to request a return. If the store does not provide a clear policy on exchanges and returns, please question this before purchase. The refund of the amount paid is made according to the payment method of the purchase, as soon as the product arrives at our distribution center.

How is the quality of the t-shirts?

An important point to buy clothes online is to know about the quality of the fabric and the product, of course. Be direct and ask the store or look for feedback from other buyers. After the screen printing process in all the colors of the print, the t-shirts are individually packaged. The individual packaging guarantees that the t-shirts do not get dirty when handling transport, stock or when they are packed to be sent. The label is printed on the inside. You don’t have to worry about cutting and itching because of things hanging from your brand new outfit.