Tips for Finding an Expert Freelancer for SEO

It is important to remember that SEO or search engine optimization combines technical and content strategies that will help you reach more organic visitors than before.

This is highly important if your business relies on selling services and products.

However, it would be best to consider a few factors before finding someone who can help you with SEO. Doing it yourself requires expertise you probably do not have.

At the same time, learning everything from guides and tutorials will take your precious time you can use to take your business to the next level.

When choosing an experienced SEO freelancer, you should be aware of red flags and things they can do to help you throughout the process.

Most will claim they can handle numerous aspects of your online promotion, rarely the case.

Still, handling search engine optimization is a cheaper option than other marketing strategies, mainly because you will promptly get a return on investment.

However, finding an expert requires comprehensive research.

We wish to help you find an SEO expert in the further article through the following tips.

Let us start from the beginning.

1.References are Crucial

It would be best to ask them to provide you with references for past clients.

Most professionals and freelancers will require a list of references to help you determine their effectiveness and efficiency.

Therefore, if someone states they have NDA or non-disclosure agreement with past clients, it is a red flag you should consider before making up your mind.

Although they probably have NDA about specific strategies to boost a particular business, you can determine their success through a reference list.

As a result, you will get solid evidence that they are experienced and professional.

However, suppose they do not wish to provide you with people’s websites. In that case, you should ask them how they optimized their official website.

If they cannot provide you with relevant and specific examples of past work, you should find someone who will, which is an important consideration to remember.


Whether you wish to find an SEO agency or freelancer, it does not matter because you should determine the experience levels beforehand.

Therefore, you should ask for search phrases in campaigns they handled before you, which will help you check out rankings.

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Of course, by sharing a client list, similarly as mentioned above, you can check out each site on a search engine such as Google to determine their efficiency. The search engine result page will speak for itself.

That way, you can see the number of sites they worked for and results depending on rankings, which will help you determine the best course of action.

Another important consideration is to check competitive keywords before determining the level of experience of a freelancer you wish to hire.

In most cases, someone will brag about long-tail keywords, but they have not affected rankings, which is a double-edged sword.

3.Industry Knowledge

Suppose you wish to find someone who makes informed decisions. In that case, you should determine whether they have enough knowledge about search engines and your industry.

Therefore, they are not doing it for the first time or as a one-time project, which will more likely affect the result.

Instead, you should expect an SEO professional to boost the value of your business.

We recommend you find someone who understands the latest optimization trends and potential changes in the future.

Since the optimization landscape is continually changing and ranking algorithms, you must be up-to-date with knowledge and tricks that will help you throughout the process.

Therefore, you should hire an optimization freelancer who understands the latest updates and crucial points, which will ensure you rank at the top of the search engine result page.

4.Understand the Differences Between PPC, SMO, and SEO

Before finding someone for your requirements, you should understand the differences between Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements.

Remember that these marketing methods will use a search engine and web features to a specific extent.

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Therefore, SEO professionals should help you reach organic ranking, which will ensure you do not pay for each click similarly to other options.

That way, you can reach more people based on their search queries and intent.