Tips For Running a Blog For a Video Production Company

Blogging is one of my preferred ways to drive traffic to websites and to engage with audiences and video production is my specialty! The combination of the two disciplines is essential to running a successful video production company – to make it in 2020, you have to have a blog on your website, and conversely, to have a successful blog website you need to be embedding video! Video marketing is the future of online, digital marketing and you need to be up to date and in the know.

Experts predict that by the end of 2019, 80% of all global internet traffic will be videos. More than half of marketing executives say that video content is their most profitable ROI, AND… having a video on your landing page can increase conversions by up to 55% with visitors spending 100-200% longer on your page. The longer that people spend on your page, the better Google will believe your page to be, if people click off and lose interest quickly – that signifies to Google that your website has low-value content. And YES, Google do know all this – they track absolutely everything! Google essentially own the internet as we know it today.

Blog posts containing videos have triple the amount of inbound links as those that don’t contain videos. The more links that you have coming in to your page or website – the better your backlink profile will be, which signals to Google that your website is of high value (as people are citing it), and so Google will increase your page score and page rank, so you will appear higher in search results.

It’s no secret that most people dislike reading – that’s part of the reason that video content does so well online, it’s super easy to understand, consume and digest. Whereas reading is more intensive and requires more focus and concentration. People also take in less information when reading, compared to video – 90% more information is retained when people watch video vs. reading an article.

Based on all of these numbers it’s safe to say that people absolutely love consuming video content and it’s understandable why you might want to start a video production blog.

This blog post is going to be in a bit of an odd format as it’s all mostly technical, but without going into too much detail – if you want more information on any of the things mentioned… Simply use Google to run a search and you will find the results that you are looking for.

Adding a blog to your video production page will entice people to come to your website in order to get information on the subject that you are writing about. Whilst videos are much easier for us humans to digest, they are more challenging for search engines – which prefer written content of which they can crawl and collect information from, this information e.g. the words in this article which has been strategically laced with keywords that will aid with ranking – Google will take those keywords, associate this website and domain with those keywords, and deliver this in the results page for people searching for queries containing them. There is a way around this though and that is to add captions to your video. We even have a hack for that! Typing video captions can be a time consuming task but a simple way to do it is to upload the video to YouTube, turn on the auto-subtitles, download the script and then correct any errors. It also just occurred to me that a quicker way to create blog posts would be to use the text to speech app to dictate everything being said, and then to correct any mistakes.

When it comes to blogs and SEO, it’s all very technical, open to manipulation and, if you understand it – it can work in your favor. But that’s not to say that the key to building a successful video production blog is to simply write tons of articles with keywords and build backlinks – Google has efforts in place to detect and destroy! Okay… they don’t destroy but they do take measures to counteract any manipulation of the search engine results.

Tread carefully, do your research, post regularly with insightful content that might/will help others, with relevance to your video production company and you will be fine!