Tips forBuying a Laptop

Laptops are changing especially fast with the rapid development of science and technology. The hardware configuration of laptops has risen to a new level within a year. At this time, many people will choose to replace their laptop that they have used for a long time. Do you know what to pay attention to when buying a laptop?

  1. Appearance

Many people do not care much about the appearance. But a laptop is an electronic product that will accompany us for 2-3 years. And it is different from mobile phones. Mobile phones can choose sets of cases and films to improve its external image. But laptops are difficult to change. Especially now that full-screen laptops are popular. A whole bezel-less HD screen looks beautiful.

  1. Weight

Many people are not very concerned about the weight of the laptop. They feel that the configuration is the most important thing. Highly configured gaming laptops is relatively heavy. Business laptops are very light and very portable. But the configuration is not suitable for playing games. The weight is mainly related to daily use. The weight of gaming laptops can generally reach about 5 kg. A business laptop such as the HONOR MagicBook Pro weighs only 1.7 kg. It is suitable for people who often need to take them out to work.

  1. Configuration

Configuration can be said the soul of a laptop. It determines what kind of software the laptop can use, how long it can be used, and how it feels when it is used. But the higher the configuration, the higher the price of a laptop.

  1. Heat Dissipation.

The heat dissipation of a laptop is of great importance. It is one of the reasons why business laptops are highly configured but cannot be used to play games. The reason why game laptop are thick and heavy is that there are much hardware that business laptop do not have, such as better radiators. When running at high speed on the computer, it will emit very high heat. And this heat will make the computer shut down naturally and even affect the life of the computer.

  1. After-sales Guarantee.

Computers are not daily consumables.It is electronic products that can be used for a long time like mobile phones. Therefore, the after-sales guarantee is very important. This is also why many people choose to buy HONOR MagicBook Pro. It is a sub-brand of HUAWEI. HUAWEI has its service providers all over the world and has a good reputation. If there is a problem with the laptop, it can be repaired in time to reduce the impact on life and work.

  1. Check the genuine product.

A laptop is an electronic product. It is often highly imitated or even renovated. Renovated machines are old laptops that others take back and exchange because of certain problems after buying using them. After repair, it will be sold as a new machine.Ordinary consumers cannot see the difference. But there will still be some problems in use. We must check the serial number on the official website after we get one.

These are some important issues to pay attention to when buying laptops. These will be helpful for you to buy and use laptops.