Tips to avoid photocopier glitches

Are you trying to find the tips on the maintenance and repair of the expensive piece of equipment in your office – the photocopier? Follow the single maintenance techniques to ensure your copier is in perfect state, clean and functioning for a longer duration. Keep reading to find ways to save the business money that you can invest in some other need –

  • Ensure to use the quality paper that reduces the paper debris, dust and shaving inside the printer. It helps in internal maintenance. Never insert wet or dirty paper inside the copier. Store the paper in a dry place. Also, make sure to load the paper accurately. Taking care of the quality of the paper and loading of paper ensure that machine works fine without creating too much of issues.
  • Ensure to clean the photocopier glass regularly with a non-scratch microfiber cloth. You may use the glass cleaner to clean it by dampening the cloth. Avoid spraying the glass cleaner directly on the glass as it could damage the surface.
  • Take care of the cartridge. Ensure that the dust and debris do not get inside the ink cartridge head. Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Regularly clean the ink nozzle with a small cotton swab dampened with water or isopropyl alcohol.
  • Clean the machine inside and out with a small fine-haired paintbrush to remove the dust. Clean the paper trays and the ink cartridge parts that cannot be regularly accessed when in use. Use compressed air to clean the hard to reach surfaces of the machine.
  • Empty the waste toner reservoir when you receive the code warning. The machine will eventually stop working if the waste toner is not cleaned.
  • Give the photocopier time to warm up, when it is switched off for the longer duration. The machine will undergo a calibration exercise when it is shut down. Allow the calibration code to finish the work before printing.
  • Shut the printer off regularly during the night and weekends. It is the most important maintenance tip to prolong the life of the copy machine. It also saves you some amount in your electricity bill.
  • Use the genuine toner and other parts of the machine that are specifically made for your copier machine. Using the compatible toners will lead to an increase in spare parts usage. The compatible toners and consumables negate the printer warranty.
  • Never try to fix the machine when it is not working properly. In case you are trying to repair it yourself, ensure to follow the machine instructions thoroughly in its order. Following the instruction accurately could avoid major issues and avoid calls to service centres frequently.
  • When your machine shows the sign of slowing down or stops completely, or when you receive the error code – call the expert and knowledgeable professional to get it fixed.

When the photocopier machine breaks, it could create a lot of issues in the office and result in a costly repair. Regular servicing and maintenance will ensure that you have the peace of mind. Call Nationwide Copiers for any kind of repair or maintenance service you might need in Milton Keynes.