Tips to purchase lingerie for your wife or girlfriend

When you plan to gift lingerie to your dear one, you are involved in taking your relationship to intimacy and affection. Well, buying lingerie is surely a no-brainer, but it also involves selection of the right size and style. Here are some tips from the experts that will help you in choosing the best lingerie as per her body, your budget and your bedroom moods.

Balance out between what she wants and what you desire

While purchasing sexy lingerie, you don’t just want her look sexy, but be comfy at the same level. As per gift giving rule, you should give people what they want. Pick out something which they will be happy to don. It is fine to buy something as per your choice, but it is also important to ensure that she will like it too.

Before purchasing lingerie make sure you peep in her closet to find out the kind of bra and panties she wears the size she dons. And, if still in doubt, always size up. And, if still confused, then you can go for one size fit most style which can stretch. It will never let you go wrong.

Different options in lingerie

Women can be quite particular about their lingerie as ill-fitting undergarments may bring discomfort. If you are going for underwire, first find out if your partner needs one or not. Bralettes have become quite famous. 

It is also important to know that accessories like thongs, high waist panties, and bodysuits are in trend, but they may not appeal to every woman. If you are unsure about her choice, then go with babydoll style. You may never go wrong with them. Also, you can choose form fitting chemise or teddy.

If she has a good body and she loves to flaunt it, then going for stinky thigh highs and Brazilian cut panties will definitely bring the best of her body.

How much should you spend?

If you talk about budget, then make sure you go for quality over quantity. Even if you are spending $50 to $100, then also don’t go for cheap quality bra and panty set. Choose high quality items which last long. Buy reasonably priced looks so that she gets impressed with your quality selection.

Things to avoid

  • A lot of women like to enhance their breasts through padding and love the additional cleavage it offers. Other women may not appreciate it at all. So, it is up to you to decide whether you want padded bras or not. 
  • When shopping for sexy lingerie, make sure you keep accessories in mind too. Unless you know what goes with your lingerie, do not invest in accessories. 
  • No matter what you do, never purchase cheap lingerie. It will make your girl very unhappy.
  • If you are new to in purchasing lingerie for your girlfriend, then you can always talk to the technical assistant team online and get immediate help for your shopping. They will be happy to help you.