To Cheer Up The Mood One Can Listen To Malayalam Songs Download

Kerala is musically known for Sopana Sangeetham which is a form of classical music that originated in the temples of Kerala. It is religious in nature and is practiced inside the temples. Kerala is the home of Carnatic music and is quite famous for holding on to its tradition.

Legends of Malayalam songs download

Legends like Swati Tirunal, Irayimman Thampi, K J Yesudas, T N Krishnam, T S Nandakumar and others are the renowned musical exponents from Kerala. It also has a significant presence of Hindustani music as well. Not only Malayalam film music but also pop music in Kerala, developed in the latest half of the 1990s with the entry of East Coast Vijayan and his music company East Coast audios. One of the first famous boy band was Confusion of Balabhaskar and their song “No Tension Please “was a superhit. The year 2007 and new band team Malayali which rock the Malayalam album industry. The song “Friends 4 ever “and “Minnalazhake” is from the album was big hit.

Melodies to the Malayalam music

In the year 2009 there was a rise of another boy band Yuva with their debut album Dreamzzz. They brought some fresh air of good melodies to the Malayalam music industry at the time when the industry was stuck up with copying Tamil, Hindi and western songs. The video song was a huge hit and it was a chart topper throughout the year of 2009. In 2010 another music video came up which was again popular among youth? Talented young composers like Rashee, Dijo Jose Antony, Nithin, Mithun Raj have also created the marks in the Malayalam music industry.

Recent popularity of Malayalam songs download

In the year 2012, Sony Music Entertainment also entered the Malayalam music industry with the album Yuvvh by launching musicians like Sachin and Sreejith. The first song of this album has crossed millions of views on YouTube. These songs are very much popular among the young generation. The film music genre adapted elements from folk songs, Carnatic, Sopana Sangeetham, Hindustani music styles. Lyricists like O Bhaskaran, Sreekumaran are the legends whose works were a fine blend of music and literature. Some of the amazing singers in the state include K P Udayabhanu, K J Yesudas, P Leela, P Suseela, S Janaki and Madhuri.

Listen to music and Malayalam songs download

Kerala has a rich traditional folk songs and balance, most of which are sung in local dialogues. With the changing times, these songs are increasing and popularity. Music is something that can reach 2 millions of people. Nowadays it is easy for people to listen to music and download songs at their own convenience. One needs a good internet connection and some little bit of knowledge to search their favorite song and download them. Malayalam songs are gaining popularity not only in India but worldwide. The Rhythm and beats are enjoyed by the young generation. It is gaining more popularity because of its easy accessibility. There are many websites these days from where one can do Malayalam songs download.