Top 10 Winter destinations to travel across the world

When winters arrive, it is time to enjoy some uniquely wintery things that travel brings. While some believe the long snowy months aren’t a great time to go around the world, that’s hardly true. These are some of the best places to visit during the winters.

Svalbard, Norway

This is a small mining town that will give you a great view of the Northern Lights. In fact, if you visit between mid-November and January, you can also catch the Polar Night here when the sun doesn’t rise! This gives you the perfect opportunity to spot the aurora borealis.


Shirakawa-Go, Japan

This mountainous village is the perfect winter-time destination. It has a place on the List of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Here you can see the traditional Japanese lifestyle and fairytale Minka houses shining in the winter.


Dracula Castle, Romania

Contrary to popular misconception, this is not a scary and dark place. Mystical with a backdrop splendorous mountains, this place will give you a refreshing taste of medieval history and charm.


Lake Baikal, Russia

Situated in southern Siberia, this is the largest freshwater basin in the world. You can try ice diving, ice fishing, and safaris here. Don’t miss the eco food and warming winter drinks here.


Prague, Czech Republic

Visit Prague and witness its traditional winter Christmas markets. Go for a sleigh ride and buy unique metal souvenirs here.


Midway, USA


The little town in Utah is a gorgeous winter destination. You can try skiing here and witness some spectacular sights.

Matanuska Glacier, USA

This impressive glacier in Alaska is the largest glacier accessible by car in the country. Stretching over 27 miles long and 4 miles wide, this is definitely worth a visit.

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

This unique wildlife sanctuary houses 16 turquoise lakes and emerald green mountain slopes. Visit this place for a glimpse of primitive nature.


Santa Claus Village, Finland

This world famous Santa Claus village is located right on the Arctic Circle. You can visit the petting zoo, deer farm, and enjoy Christmas safaris here. Don’t forget to drink a cup of delicious hot chocolate in the village.


Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, China

This popular Chinese festival is held annually, bringing the world’s largest sculptures and 18 million visitors together. This winter event shouldn’t be missed if you’re into grand festivities.

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