Top 5 Beautiful Places in Labuan Bajo That You Have to Visit

Labuan Bajo is among the favorite tourist destinations for both travel and photography fans. How come? With green fields, mountains, and clean blue shores, Labuan Bajo deserves to be referred to as a heaven on earth. Aside from Komodo Island, Padar Island, and Pink Beach, various spots must be explored, such as the five most beautiful tourist areas. Are you planning to have a vacation after a pandemic? Visit these five beautiful tourist places at Labuan Bajo.

  • Wae Rebo Village

The village of Wae Rebo in Flores is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. To reach it’s also not easy because visitors need to maneuver through the forest over the 9 km and the scale is rather challenging. When seeing, tourists may enjoy natural scenery in the mountains and seven traditional cone-shaped houses that give a different impression. In addition, this village can also be known as the most beautiful village in Indonesia and there’s absolutely no cell phone signal in this field.  In terms of tourism, the village of Wae Rebo can also be well managed. When visiting, you may be accompanied and given guidance on tourism from the Indonesia Ecotourism Network.

  • Lake Kelimutu

One of the tourist spots in Labuan Bajo you must visit while on holiday in Flores is the magical Lake Kelimutu. This lake can always ignite fascination because of its visitors. Starting from historic documents to truths, it always makes us interested because there’s a huge lake on top of the mountain, amounting to three. But what’s unique is that these three lakes can change their color. Therefore, for those playing at Flores and Labuan Bajo, don’t forget to stop by this area.

  • Goa Batu Cermin

When seeing Labuan Bajo, do not miss the chance to see Batu Cermin Cave. Before getting a tourist spot, this cave was below sea level, but Batu Cermin Cave is now above sea level after the sea water had receded. While visiting, you can view sunlight coming through the cracks of the cave. Besides this, you can also swim in a pool at a shelter.

  • Bena Bajawa Village

Aside from Wae Rebo village, Flores also has a different village that’s a must-visit tourist magnet, Bena Bajawa Village. You can delight in a historical tour of a beautiful megalithic village on a hilltop within this place. Customs and ethnic observers are very thick. In reality, you will still find traditional homes as well as the powerful traditions of your ancestors here.

  • Giri Laba

There is a single exciting place that lovers of traveling and photography ought to visit, specifically Giri Laba. This island has a small size, but its natural charm is fascinating to go. Using a gorgeous coastal perspective, visitors may see the sunset and do trekking towards the surface. Spending time in Giri Laba may be one of the memorable traveling adventures.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Labuan Bajo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.