Top 5 Essential Criteria to Look for in a Fire Protection Company

Australian companies, businesses, and buildings all need effective fire protection to remain compliant with the law but more importantly, to provide a safe and secure environment for all concerned. Fire can break out anywhere and at any time, so it’s vital that your premises are as fire-safe as possible.

To achieve this desired outcome, you’ll need the help of industry professionals. Having a fire protection company on board will ensure your operation is safe, secure and compliant. This article is going to highlight 5 essential criteria to look for when choosing a company for fire alarm system installation saco me.

#1 – Does the Company Specialise In Fire Protection for Your Industry?

Choosing the right fire protection services for your operation largely depends on what industries the company specialises in. Some fire protection experts focus on residential properties or small businesses. Others may specialise in fire protection for schools or hospitals.

For example, if you’re in the mining sector and need specific mining fire protection, then you’ll ideally want to enlist the services of an organization that has experience in mining fire protection, as this is a specialist field.

When researching fire protection companies, be sure to thoroughly study their websites or give them a call to discuss your requirements and see if they fit the bill.

#2 – Is Fire Safety Training One of Their Services?

A commercial operation is only going to truly be fire safe if everyone who works there has been trained in fire safety. Having sprinkler systems installed and fire extinguishers handy is all well and good, but relevant staff and people onsite need to know how to safely use these systems for them to be effective. 

You’ll want to choose fire protection services that offer fire safety training courses for your staff. Everyone will learn how to prevent fires and what to do in the event that a fire does break out. Even something simple like learning how to use a fire extinguisher can make all the difference.

Fire safety training should always be a part of your fire safety planning.


#3 – System Design and Installation

It’s best if you only have to deal with one contractor, so you’ll want to find a fire protection company that not only designs fire safety systems but also performs all of the necessary installations of things like fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency exit lighting and so on.

Seasoned professionals that offer a comprehensive service will be easier to deal with, due to the fact that you’re only liaising with one company from start to finish. If they are the ones that created the fire safety system and plan, there will also be no confusion when it comes to the installation processes.

It’s all about the peace of mind of having the job done properly.

#4 – Industry Compliance Is Absolutely Essential

All commercial operations in Australia are governed by various compliance laws to ensure safety, among other things. When it comes to fire safety, there are specific compliance laws for each industry that must be adhered to.

Does the fire protection company you’re thinking of hiring fully understand compliance laws as they pertain to fire safety for your industry, such as for mining fire protection? You’ll want to know that the company you’re working with is totally professional and remains abreast of compliance laws and any changes to those laws.

While this is primarily about safety, remaining compliant will also ensure you avoid things like fines or potentially even having your operation shut down for non-compliance.

#5 – How Experienced Is the Company?

Having the necessary skills and knowledge is one thing but it’s also important to seek out a fire protection company that has the experience and the runs on the board. When you shortlist a few companies, you’ll then want to dig in a little deeper and learn how long they’ve been in business and also look for companies and businesses they’ve done work for in the past.

A company that has the experience and has been in business for some time will also have developed a reputation, positive or negative, so only deal with an experienced firm.

The Wrap

There are numerous things you should look for in a quality fire protection company, so always take your time and do your research before making a decision.