Top 5 Keto Apps- Carb Tracking

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Ketogenic diet these days. It is a diet high on fat and low on carbohydrates designed to push your body to a state called Ketosis.

In this metabolic state, human body starts to burn fat rather than carbs for fuel, thereby making it easier for the individual to lose body fat.

However, sticking to a Keto diet is challenging for most people as it becomes difficult to keep a tab on your intake. Forcing body into Ketosis becomes a challenge when you cannot control the carbs you are consuming.

Thankfully, there are many good Keto apps that can easily keep a tab on your carb intake. Some of them not just count your carbs but also give mouth watering recipes to make it easy to stick to a Keto diet plan. Here is a list of top 5 Keto apps for carb tracking.

  1. LifeSum

This is a wonderful app not just for Keto but also for any other diet that the user is aiming to follow. LifeSum is loved by the users because of its macro tracker and food diaries.

These features enable the user to keep track of his calorific intake as well as all the food items he or she has been consuming. You can also use this app to get idea for delicious Keto recipes.

Salient features

  • Highly customizable- LifeSum is the app for you if you are searching for a Keto app that you can customize according to your requirements.
  • Tracks macros, water intake, calories, and many other things
  • Free and paid versions available
  1. MyMacros+

This app for Keto diet is like having services of a fitness expert as it was created by a professional. By paying just $2.99, you can enjoy the wonderful features of this app such as a daily reporting on nutrition and a calculator to count your carbs.

Salient features

  • My Macros+ comes with a macro counter to help you stay on track
  • It gives detailed information on nutritional values of your meals
  • It allows to set macros goals for different days of the week
  • Can be easily synced across all your devices such as iPhone, desktop, and laptop
  1. Cronometer

This is a very popular app used by people anxious to keep a tab on their calorific intake. You can know the number of calories that you have consumed and also the number of calories that your body has burnt. Cronometer app is available on both Android as well as Apple’s App store. It is best for beginners starting on a Keto diet

Salient features

  • Tracks net quantity of carbs consumed
  • Allows setting daily targets for calories, macros, fibers, and iron
  • Easy to understand because of video tutorials
  1. LoseIt

LoseIt is an excellent app for those who are finding it hard to stick to a Keto diet. It is a free app though there is also a premium version if you want extra features.

Salient features

  • Huge data base of 7 million food items
  • Gives calorific details of individual food items
  • Syncs with various digital devices easily
  1. Total Keto Diet

Keeping a tab on your carb intake is the prime requirement of a Keto diet. One app that is a treasure house of Keto recipes is Total Keto Diet. It is an app from Tasteaholics, an education resource focusing on low carb recipes, blog, articles, and latest news about Keto diet.

Salient features