The world has changed and in order to get along with family, friends, and colleagues, you need to have efficient communication skills. Businesses seek employees who can communicate to customers and other stakeholders so as to drive sales and gain more business. It is no wonder that communication jobs London remain lucrative especially in this digital era. Read on to learn some of the top reasons why you should consider communications jobs and PR jobs London.

  • You qualify for almost all jobs

Pursuing a career in communications can land you in awesome opportunities you didn’t even know existed. Currently, comms jobs in London present themselves in the media either as anchors, writers, or even producers. Besides, instructors such as teachers are required to have good communication skills.

  • You learn to use new technology

The communications field is often the first to adopt any new technology in the market. As such, if you’re a technology enthusiast, you can benefit from interacting with new technology before everyone else.

  • Flexibility 

Most communications jobs in London allow people to exercise freedom of working from anywhere in the world. For instance, a journalist enjoys the freedom and luxury of travelling to different parts of the world as they collect news. If you fancy being a digital nomad, then a communications career is the best choice for you.

  • Competitive advantage

As you progress in your career, you will realize that having pursued communications gives you a competitive advantage against other job seekers. Most communications and PR courses inculcate critical skills, oral skills, written skills, as well as creativity in students. It’s no wonder, therefore, that some of the best marketers have communications skills.

  • Good salary

Long gone are the days when communications jobs in London would only pay you peanuts after spending each day behind a newsroom desk perusing papers. In the 21st century, employers recognize that any employee with a communications background is a gem that can help in the achievement of company goals. If you decide to seek a communications job, then expect a good salary in return.

How to Land a Comms Job in London

It is easy to get a London communications job or a PR jobs in London using a London Recruitment agency. Most recruitment agencies will even help you improve your CV. All you need is to keep in constant contact with your recruitment consultant and to keep reminding them that you’re available in case an opportunity presents itself. However, it is advisable to ensure that the agency you want to use is compliant with the guidelines stipulated by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.


London communications jobs remain the most sought after careers because of the good salary, flexibility of work, and marketability they have. PR jobs in London are also lucrative and require that the employees have good communication skills. All you need to do is identify a recruitment agency that you can use for your job hunt. Eventually, you’ll land your dream job in the most coveted communications sector.