The garage door is one of the constantly used parts of any household. However, it is still primarily neglected until some severe consequences surface up.  And then, you will need a professional garage door repair service to inspect and solve the problem. When it comes to Santa Rosa Garage door repair has several qualified installation workers who can look at your door and check for issues.

If you want to avoid the significant expense of replacing your garage door or replacing its parts, you need to closely monitor your garage door for any potential issues, major or minor. Most of the time, different minor problems lead up to a major destructive one. One of them is the garage door is stuck or not responding to any action. Following are some reasons that may be the cause of this problem.

No power connection:

The first most common reason could be that your door is not connected to any power source to respond to the signals. It happens commonly that the power source is mistakenly unplugged. Make sure that your garage door opener is connected to a working power source. Sometimes a blown-out fuse or a tripped circuit breaker could be the reason for no power. Fix the fuse or circuit breaker in that case.

Misalignment or blocked the safety sensors (photo-eye):

Photo-eye are sensors in the garage door that ensure nothing is in the way of the garage door during its movement. If by any cause, the path of the sensors is blocked, your garage door won’t move an inch. So, make sure the path of your door is not blocked by anything. Sometimes the path is clear; still, your garage door won’t respond. This happens when the sensors are misaligned. Check the alignment of the sensors and make sure their signals reach each other.

Faulty springs or belt:

Springs and belts control the smooth movement of a garage door. If any of the springs are broken, corroded, or faulty, it will hinder the door’s smooth movement. Loosen tension in the belt is another cause that can restrict the direction of the door. A loose belt can cause the door to either move too fast or not move at all. If you notice your garage door’s unusual speed or breaking movement, you should call the professionals to look into the matter.




The door is off the track, or the track is not aligned:

One of the reasons your garage door isn’t sliding up and down the way it should is the tracks. It could be either the tracks themselves that are damaged, corroded, or are misaligned. Or it could be the door that has come off its track due to faulty rollers or broken belts or springs. You might hear squeaky noises while the door moves if your door has track issues. Also, in case you start to see gaps between the rollers and the rails, or you notice the rails bending, you need to have it checked by an expert Santa Rosa Garage door repair for additional serious issues.

The transmitter not in range or dead

The last but the most common reason for your garage door not working is your transmitter is not in range, or the batteries may be dead. The easiest fix is to move closer to the door to get in the field or change the transmitter batteries. That does not usually require expert supervision as batteries can be easily changed by yourself.


Even though these are the significant issues that may arise with your garage door, there may still be other problems with your garage door beyond your knowledge. Garage doors are complex and can have many minor inconveniences relating to them. The key for every homeowner is to stay calm in all situations and analyze it as best as they can. They should always ask for expert opinion or supervision whenever it is required.