Top 6 Characteristics of High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets From A Manufacturer


Kitchen cabinets from a manufacturer of superior quality should look stunning and provide easy-to-use functional storage for at least twenty to thirty years. Unfortunately, many people have cabinet problems much sooner, with crooked doors, deteriorating drawers, dented or scratched faces, warping boxes, and loose hinges. These problems occur because of lesser quality cabinet construction by a manufacturer. Not only do low-quality cabinets lead to aesthetic and functional problems for homeowners, but they also create high installation and maintenance costs. To shop intelligently and avoid issues in the near future, look for some of the following characteristics of high-quality, well-built cabinets.

Complete Plywood Construction

Cabinet boxes are usually built of particleboard or plywood. The most sturdy have full plywood backs and sides to stay square during delivery and installation, resist damage from moisture, and handle heavy countertops’ weight. On the other hand, particleboard is the less expensive alternative and is vulnerable to crushing, moisture, and difficult repairs for blowouts at screws and joints.

Full Height Back Panels

Cabinet back construction affects the ease of installation and durability. The most durable cabinet construction performed by a manufacturer uses a full-plywood full-back panel. Cheaper methods use metal hang rails and brackets, picture frame construction, and thin panels. Weaker back panels can result in falling cabinets. Choosing plywood back construction will ensure security and accuracy in your kitchen.

Soft Close Hinges

Cabinet hinges are a critical part of kitchen cabinets as you can’t open or close their doors without them. When discussing cabinets with a manufacturer, ensure hinges are not inferior, which can cause loose, stiff, or uneven doors or ones that won’t close at all.

Undermount Soft Close Drawer Glides

Higher quality drawer glides are vital to supporting your cabinet drawers’ smooth and silent movement over the years—the more weight carried by your drawers, the more necessity for heavy-duty glides. Weaker glides could lead to loose, sagging, or stick cabinet drawers.

Hardwood Dovetail Drawer Boxes

If your drawers are bowing and bending or the front faces begin to fall off, consider a higher quality drawer box from your manufacturer. The drawer joints and boxes are among the most likely to fall apart first in lower end cabinetry. Lesser quality construction is typically secured with notched butt joints and staples. Cheaper methods don’t provide the dovetail joint’s strength, where drawer box sides included interlocking teeth.

Assembled Fully In The Factory

Fully assembled cabinets are stronger and more durable. Factory construction methods join wood parts using dovetail joints, power fasteners, hot and cold glue, and other industrial techniques. In this wood to wood construction, pieces bond on a microscopic level that increases the cabinet’s strength and durability.

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