Top Five Tie-dye Bags You Should Be Selling In 2020 

Due to the dynamic nature of fashion brands, buyers and sellers cannot keep their eyes off the latest style phenomenon creating waves. Clothing and accessories makers consistently search for pieces customers will love to buy and incorporate in their lifestyles. 

It is not a textbook rule that an important accessory such as a bag has to be branded and super-pricey. Simple accessory choices can also compliment a woman’s clothing choices. Imagine her strolling along the shores of one of the popular Florida beaches. A tie-dye bag is an ideal choice for decorating her simple, yet cool tie-dye dress when she saunters through the streets to end up at the beach.

When she knows that her rainbow spiral tie-dye fairy sarong dress married up with her tie-dye Boho shoulder bag is doing its job, her inner radiance is destined to be sparked. She looks simple, attractive and at the same time, stylish. 

Women keep their eyes on the latest trends and designs of bags for women. However, they don’t succumb to random fashion temptations. They are focused on bags that are the most suitable for the time, place, occasion, their cheerful and fun-loving personalities and even figure. So, as the owner of a clothing and accessory store, you should make thoughtful choices to address the needs of your female customers. Following are some of the most common tie-dye bag choices female customers love to buy. Make sure that you have these wholesale tie-dye bags ready for them.

Tie-Dye Boho Shoulder Bag

This richly-colored tie-dye bag should not be put to one side for beach vacations only. It also works like something tailor-made for casual wear. It is a stylish tie-dye accessory for her rainbow spiral short sleeve sarong dress. 

Karma Tie-Dye Boho Shoulder Bag

It is a striking tie-dye bag that goes well with both casual and beach wear. She can pair it with one of the lovely karma tie-dye dresses or a solid top with jeans. She can carry it over one of her shoulders or across the body. 

Premium Batik Boho Shoulder Bag

You can order these wholesale tie-dye bags in a wide variety of designs and colors. With its 48” long shoulder strap, a Premium Batik Boho Shoulder Bag can go over her shoulder or across her body. 

Batik Boho Shoulder Bag

Let your female buyers add an element of charm to their casual and beach outfits with a Batik Boho Shoulder Bag featuring images of butterflies, dolphins, sea turtles, hibiscus and more. Isn’t it ideal for carrying her beach stuff? 

Patchwork Duffle Bag

It’s a bag featuring a variety of beautiful patchwork prints. A comfortable grip is ensured with two 24” long, thickly padded straps.