Top-Most Important Off-Site SEO Factors

Off-Site SEO involves content and links that you build outside of your main website. It is just as important as On-Site SEO and shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is one of many SEO services available in the market.

Off-Site SEO can be broken down into a few different factors. I’m going to walk you through a few of them right now.

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important factors of Off-Site SEO. Without solid links, it would be very difficult for anyone to find your website unless they happened to search the exact phrase on one of your pages.

Building links requires you to find the means to get access to other websites. You can build new websites yourself and link them back to your main website, for example. You can also list your website on directories, perform guest blogging, and other such methods to secure links.

Domain Authority

Domain authority refers to how trustworthy your website appears. Domain authority is ranked from 1-100. You must have a high domain authority or else your website will not perform well in rankings.

You actually build up your domain authority with links. Having strong, healthy links causes your domain authority to go up which increases the odds of you getting a higher ranking. The better your links and domain authority, the higher you can climb in Google’s ranking system.

Brand Promotion

Off-Site SEO is also there for brand promotion purposes. Technically, brand promotion would fall under SMM. (Social Media Marketing) However, Off-Site SEO has a part to play in this too.

As you create new content and add a backlink to them, you are also promoting your business. People will be more likely to locate your business thanks to these links.

In time, this process will cause your brand to be quite well-known, assuming your products and/or services are good quality. Give it a try!

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