Top reasons for which you should purchase the Shoot-A-Way Gun 12k right now:


With the placement of state-of-the-art basketball shooting machine schools are noticing a greater inclination of their students to learn the game’s intricacies. While the school students are primarily amateurs and aspirants who are mostly into the game because they are inspired by the most notable personalities who dominate the big league- starting from LeBron James to Steph Curry to Ray Allen and their flair while playing on the glass, presence of automated shooting machines are helping them realize their dreams and take significant strides in achieving their goals. 

Why is a facility basketball machine almost indispensable to basketball shooting practice these days?

While it may sound like a cliche, there is no alternative to hard work. These NBA pros and MVPs have put in relentless practice and years of hard work to develop into the stars of today that inspire millions. Hours of ‘monotonous’ form shooting drills have made them impeccable shooters who can convert from any position on the court and tip the scales of the team in their favor. 

However, with technological advancement, a facility basketball machine has come up as a great alternative to the traditional regime and workout plans that help the basketball players and amateurs to turn into pros with the following- 

  • Refining their techniques 
  • Improving their finesse of shots 
  • Improving their shot power and conversion percentage 
  • Allowing them to activate the flow
  • Helping them make real-time decision making during match situations 
  • Improving stance, follow-through, and every other aspect of the game. 

Though the Dr. Dish shooting machine comes at a lower price due to its flimsy make by Chinese manufacturers, the Gun variants from Shoot-A-Way are the best types of rebounder basketball machine that you will ever come across!

Why are more and more basketball enthusiasts preferring the Gun 12k?

Leveraging the power of the latest technological offerings, the Gun 12k is the best-in-line product that has been dished out from the home of the Shoot-A-Way to help young ballers find their footing on glass and practice basketball shooting to develop into players with all-round capabilities who can score and win matches with their superlative skill-sets. 

The Gun 12k brings in some of the most advanced features to the scene that help you catch and shoot basketball and create an indelible impact. 

  • Host of compelling technologies:

With a premium touchpad integration with smartphones and mobile devices, the Gun 12k helps the young ballers track their performance. The cutting-edge data analytics software used in the Gun 12k has an app interface that provides real-time basketball shooting data like shooting percentage, shooting form, technical adjustments, stance and positioning, and several others and delivers them at the players’ disposal. The app is a cross-platform one; hence it works well with iOS, Android, and Windows! With every stat delineating their shooting form, this basketball shooting machine enables them to monitor their performance closely and be aware of their shortcomings. Once these young players are aware of their shortcomings, they can constantly improve and keep improving. 

  • Ease of storage and portability:

The Gun 12k from Shoot-A-Way comes with a pretty hefty price tag that is justified in every way. It has a sturdy build and is formed of components that can be assembled and disassembled at will. The Gun 12k has an easy storage and portability feature- you can store it easily at any point in the facility, and its adjustable height with easy disassembling option allows you to transport it across corridors, hallways, and doorframes of any size. 

  • Getting match-ready with passes at virtually every court positions:

Speaking of other technological features that the Gun 12k brings to you consists of the multiple pass distance selector that allows you to select five preset distances to send the balls. Apart from this, the Shoot-A-Way Gun 12k also features approximately 20 preset positions across the court where you can receive your pass directly and immediately shoot towards the hoop. This avant-garde technological offering is known as the multi-select. The rebounder basketball machine will then collect the made and missed shots and redistribute them efficiently at your preferred positions on the glass. 

  • Keeping a tab on progress and success rate:

With a display counter, the player gets to know the percentage of successful shots he has made with the Gun 12k. Hence, it enables him to gauge his performance and progress and constantly make every effort to move forward in this line of play. 

Why is it the ideal time to purchase the Gun 12k?

With the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting a significant portion of the world, lockdowns and stay-at-home directives have become common. Thus there are several players, amateurs, semi-pros, school and varsity ballers who cannot get the right amount of practice to sharpen their skills. While the NBA Playoffs and Playin tournament formats and the newest draft signings create quite a stir in the professional world, you can use the Gun 12k to catch and shoot basketball and hone every other facet of the game. 

If you are keen to practice basketball shooting and hone your skills in the meantime, this could be the best time to purchase the Gun 12k from Shoot-A-Way. With its range of features and easy handling, this automatic shooting machine could become an asset in the facility to treat the young guns and help them develop into the masters of the game!