Top Trip Preparation Hacks for a Foreign Vacation

We all love to escape the cold winter by jetting off to a tropical paradise; working as hard as you do, it makes sense to recharge your batteries, even if for only a few days. Travelling in itself can be challenging and with that in mind, we offer a few valuable hacks for planning a foreign holiday to help you arrange the perfect getaway.

  • Last-minute cancellations – If you are your own boss and can fly at any time, there’s a lot of money to be saved; you could snap up one of the luxury villas in the Maldives for a fraction of the cost; people do cancel and it’s just a question of searching for last-minute deals. Google is your best buddy when it comes to finding real-time cancellation deals, so make good use of the digital tech we have at our disposal and get a really cheap holiday.
  • Inform your credit company where you are going – If you charge something in Thailand, for example, your credit card provider might automatically block the card, suspecting fraud. That could seriously impact your holiday and it only takes a phone call to let them know where you are going.
  • Airport Wi-Fi and VoIP – Keeping in touch can be costly if you use the phone; Skype is free and you can connect to the free Wi-Fi at the airport and video call to your heart’s content. You might even be able to call while on the plane, but either way, using VoIP keeps costs down.
  • Keep all documentation in one place – Of course, passports, tickets, boarding passes and insurance documents should all be stored in a money bag that you wear under your shirt, much like a sash; many zipper pockets are designed with travelling in mind, with a pocket for your smartphone.
  • Take images of important documentation – Images of the photo page of your passport and your visa can be stored on your device, allowing you to show any official if requested. An image of your insurance policy can also be included. This can be used as ID in many cases, so it does have other uses. Here is a blog about the variation in price when buying air tickets, which can be time-related.
  • Changing money – Most people change up when they arrive at the destination airport, as they know the rates are better than at home; yet there are even better rates than the airport. Change enough for a cab ride and wait until you arrive at a place where there are money exchange booths, where the best rates are.
  • Do some research – You should know about the weather, the customs, behaviours and laws of the nation you are visiting. Why not plan your holiday in advance? A few hours surfing the web should be enough for you to plan daily schedules, you can even book online. 

Whether you are flying to the Maldives or taking a trek through the Andes in Peru, planning is the key to a trouble-free experience.