Top Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Hygienic: A Guide For Parents

Most people have, at one time or another, been to someone’s home and have found that the kitchen is, well, a bit messy. A messy kitchen is one thing, but a kitchen that’s unclean and unhygienic is another, as a dirty kitchen can cause illnesses to spread, such as food poisoning. 

If you’re a parent, you may be worried about the best ways to keep your kitchen space hygienic without spending a fortune on it. Luckily, there are some answers, and this article will guide you through them. Enjoy!

Manage Waste

Ok, so when you have a family, the main issue you’ll face in your kitchen is food waste, especially if you have multiple children who are fussy eaters! 

There are some ways to manage food waste. You can start with a compost pile in your yard or garden, which will help the environment if you’re so inclined. Garbage disposals can also help, as they allow you to break down food waste quickly and easily. 

Remember, the key to good hygiene relating to waste in a kitchen is to keep it clear, so always put any leftovers in your fridge, as leaving them out may attract flies.

Establish A Cleaning Routine

Everyone knows that most kids don’t like cleaning, but when it comes to a high-traffic kitchen, it’s essential to keep the space clean. Try to involve your kids in the cleaning process and seek to establish a daily cleaning routine so that surfaces, appliances, and cupboard doors are clean and remain grime free. 

Indeed, if you have older children, it may be worth putting up a chalkboard or a whiteboard, which will specify whose job it is to clean the kitchen and when. Just make sure you rotate the names!

Look at Food Handling

Children aren’t aware that foods may contain germs and bacteria, meaning that they’re likely to pick up a piece of raw chicken and then put their fingers in their mouths. Or they may touch the countertop, thus spreading germs onto that surface. Be sure to teach them about foodborne illnesses and contamination, as well as hygiene relating to hand washing before and after food has been touched.

Clean Your Appliances

It’s important that you also maintain the appliances in your kitchen to ensure that they’re cleaned and that they function correctly.

Be sure that they’re unplugged, and then clean them with the appropriate cleaner. For instance, you’ll need a specific foam-based spray for an oven, but a simple bleach-based wipe for a microwave will be fine. 

Just make sure that if you’re using harsh chemicals, your children can’t access them and that they’re kept somewhere safe.

Invest in Wipes

The idea of having to scrub your kitchen from top to bottom every day isn’t going to appeal to the average person, let alone someone who has kids. 

So, for this, it may be best to invest in antibacterial, kitchen-specific wipes. These are affordable, quick, and can be disposed of quickly without you needing to spray bleach onto a cloth, which can cause staining. These wipes kill the majority of germs in a kitchen, meaning the space will be clean and hygienic after a simple wipe!