TV Troubleshooting: How to Fix Common TV Problems

Your TV isn’t working again! You feel like this nightmare never ends, and there is always static or something else wrong with your TV.

When you feel frustrated about your TV not working, what can you do? Actually, there are several reasons why your TV may not work. It takes a little bit of TV troubleshooting to find the root of your TV problems.

This guide will help you fix common TV problems. Take a peek below!

Your Video and Audio Don’t Line Up

If your video and audio are not lining up on your TV, it is rather annoying. There is an easy fix to this problem, though!

Head over to audio settings on your TV (if that doesn’t work, try your cable box). You can fiddle with the “audio delay” setting from there and set it right.

The Picture Quality Is Bad or Pixelated

When your TV signal is bad or has a poor connection, pixelation occurs. This too has an easy fix. You’ll have your picture quality improved in no time when you reset your TV box.

First, Turn the TV box power off. Then unplug the TV power cable. After about thirty seconds, you can plug the power cable back in.

Wait two minutes (your TV needs to reboot itself), then turn the TV box power on. Did it work?

If that does not work, there may be a deeper issue to solve within your TV box or your TV cables. You may need TV tuning services to help set it right.

TV Has No Picture

Your TV may be powered on, but if it doesn’t have a picture, aka the screen is black, you have a problem. In this case, you may have the wrong input enabled.

You can change this by using your TV remote. Look for the “input” button (it may also read “source” or “TV/video” depending on your device). Push the button to go through all of your options until you get back to your proper TV picture.

If you still have problems even when you have the right input, there may be a further problem with your cable box or satellite. Try switching it off and then on again to see if that restores your TV connection. If not, you may need to call your provider to help you.

The TV Picture’s Color Is Weird

Do you see blue or green and not the rest of the colors primarily? You may need to recalibrate your TV’s color settings.

Head over to your TV’s settings and look for “white balance” (depending on your TV, it may read as “color temperature”). From there, choose the “warm” setting, or whatever setting makes your picture seem the most accurate colorwise. Avoid the advanced menu options, as they are confusing.

TV Troubleshooting: You’ve Got This!

When your TV doesn’t work well, the frustration is real. TV troubleshooting can help you solve many of the common problems above. Now you can watch the best TV shows in 2020 with ease.

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