Two Hair Restoration Procedures You Never Knew About

Plastic surgery has brought about life-changing experiences all over the world. Ranging from facials and other skincare treatments to hair restorations, they have made it possible for people’s confidence to rebuild and bring smiles to their lives. Specifically, hair restoration procedures are among the most delicate yet most astonishing kinds of plastic surgery treatments. Dr. Paul Pearce has had years of transformational experience changing the lives of people through hair restoration procedures. His Austin Texas Hair Restoration Center is dedicated to ensuring that your smile and confidence are restored as you leave their facility. He offers hair loss treatment procedures like growth factor injections, surgical hair restoration, laser cap, and non-surgical hair restoration. Two of the most amazing procedures are further discussed below.

  1. Growth Factor Injections

A normal human body overflows with a tremendous amount of healing factors that assist the body in cell growth and healing. Most of these healing factors are in the blood. Growth factor injection for hair restoration involves the extraction of these growth factors from your body. In preparation of a growth stimulant using the growth factors drawn, and the introduction of the prepared injection at the required area of your body. The solution stimulates blood vessel growth and activates stem cells in the hair follicles. Once there is enough blood flowing in the follicles, they naturally start to sprout. The procedure usually requires three treatments, after which the specialist will recommend the frequency of the follow-up treatments.

  1. Surgical Hair Restoration

Amazing technological inventions have made it possible for specialists like Dr. Pearce to offer you alternative treatments for your hair loss. There are times where you may experience traumatic accidents that might burn your head to the extent that you feel your hair can never grow under any circumstances. Texas Hair Restoration Center enables you to defy the odds and grow your beautiful hair with their robot hair surgery procedure, also called the ARTAS iX system. The technology uses artificial intelligence to resolve complex hair loss conditions like male baldness, traumatic hair loss, or even thinning hair. The procedure is done in a transplantation manner where the machine first harvests hair follicles, the specialists divide them into doubles and triples, then transplant them as required. The result is usually a naturally appealing look that one would not differentiate with naturally grown hair. The main advantage of the procedure is that it is non-surgical and thus leaves no scars. However, it is performed under anesthetics and can take up to eight hours. After the procedure, you are advised to rest for two days, and then you may return to your daily schedule. Results appear progressively with time but are fully experienced after nine months.

No one is susceptible to aging or accidents which can happen at any moment. However, living with the effects is always your choice. Dr. Pearce of Texas Hair Restoration Center offers you the alternative of living your best life and the satisfaction of being proud when you look in the mirror. If you have been struggling with any hair loss challenge, visit Texas Hair Restoration Center.