Understand How Customized Orthotics Support to Reduce Your Foot Pain

There are millions of people experiencing discomfort because of flat feet or foot pain. Similarly in Orange County, Irvin there is numerous folk preferring to visit the best podiatrist in their place when troubled with a foot problem. Podiatrists utilize many kinds of medical therapy to eliminate the trouble of their patient’s foot problems.

They can opt for custom orthotics, suggested by the skilled podiatrist in Irvin, Dr. Sima Soltani. Her multiple years of experience have influenced her to treat patients to remain free from any kind of foot pain. Podiatrists often use many kinds of orthotic supportive devise to reduce the health disorders of their patient’s foot. They take the help of orthotist to customize the orthotics for providing the right treatment for their patients.


They are the products that are inserted in the shoes to be worn by people who are troubled with flat feet or feel severe foot pain. These are the most beneficial devices that can lessen your foot pain and increase your mobility. You can even get them in pharmaceutical stores, branded footwear shops and in the clinics of podiatrists and orthotists.

There are inserts, a form of orthotics tool that you can buy without any prescriptions. They not only provide support to the foot but also cushions them. Thus, you reap the benefits of comfortable inserts that provide extra cushioning to your whole feet. However, according to podiatrists, the inserts aren’t suitable to rectify the deformity of the foot. However, orthotics are different than inserts as not only does the device lessens the pain, but also corrects the biomechanical foot problems.

In short, orthotics helps to rectify your way of walking, running or standing. The products even help to reduce the foot pain that is experienced because of diabetes, arthritis, bursitis and other chronic diseases. Expert podiatrists try to solve foot problems using orthotics to avoid surgery. Dr. Sima Soltani believes in using orthotics products to do surgery-less treatment. The podiatrist believes in using the best custom orthotics to treat foot problems in faster and effective way.

The kinds of orthotics:

  • Functional or right orthotics: The special features are low heels, closed toes, made of plastic or carbon fiber and the best shoes for walking or used as dress shoes. It is usually worn to reduce foot pain and strains. It helps to relax the strain on the foot, legs, thigh and even lower back.
  • Accommodative or soft orthotics: The products provide the comforts of cushion because they are made of quite soft materials. They are the most appropriate aid to wear when you are troubled with foot ulcer, planter fasciitis and sores.
  • Orthotics for sports: They are usually customized orthotics used by outdoor adventurous lovers and sports persons. The footwear is mainly used by sports person enjoying sports in hazardous conditions like snow.

The right ways to wear the inserts and orthotics:

  • The insert should be worn within your shoes to provide comfort to your aching foot. Thus, make sure that you feel comfortable after wearing the shoes while having the insert within.
  • You can insert them in shoes while in the store itself and walk around. You can remove them if feel uncomfortable or if it rubs on your foot. Moreover, if you feel tightness around your foot then best to buy little larger size shoes.
  • You can customize the inserts by measuring the molds of your feet. Your podiatrist will assist you to choose the appropriate ones.
  • Orthotics are expensive than inserts but fully worth every penny. Your podiatrist would measure your foot and customize the orthotics product to lessen the foot ache and reduce the discomfort of foot health issues.
  • The orthotic products are prescribed medical accessories thus there are high chance of your insurance firm taking care of the cost.

The simple tests undertaken by the podiatrist help to understand the cause of the foot problem and accordingly, you will be asked to use orthotics. All the extra pressure you feel while walking or running can be lessened by wearing the inserts within the shoes.

The slips are quite comfortable to walk for hours and even while running a marathon. You can get custom orthotics in Orange County health care centers where podiatrists like Dr. Sima Soltani are ready to assist you in every way possible to reduce your foot problems.