Unlocking savings – Power of octopus energy referral

As living costs continue to soar, countless families seek methods to reduce their expenditures. One area where you can save a lot is on energy bills. By switching to a cheaper energy supplier, households potentially save hundreds of pounds per year. The supplier offering competitive rates is Octopus Energy. Even more, savings are accessed by using an Octopus Energy referral code when signing up.

They offer 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas to customers across the Great country. Octopus Energy has rapidly expanded its presence to become one of the leading energy providers in the nation, serving a customer base exceeding 2 million. Offer some of the cheapest deals on the market as they use technology and automation to keep costs low. 

How does octopus energy referral work?

Octopus Energy offers the best referral schemes in the energy industry. Both new and existing Octopus customers benefit. If you refer a friend to Octopus using your referral code, you will receive a £50 credit on your energy bill per referral after the person you referred switches to Octopus Energy. The friend you refer will also get a £50 credit on their bill once the switch has gone through. It means you’ll be saving money on your energy. There’s no limit, so you can refer as many friends as you like to stack up the savings. The referral code is shared easily by WhatsApp, text, email, social media, or other methods.

Benefits of switching to octopus energy

  • Competitive pricing – Octopus Energy offers some of the lowest standard variable tariffs in the market. Expect to save around $200 annually compared to the Big Six providers.
  • 100% renewable electricity – Octopus only provides green electricity generated from solar, wind, and hydro. Great for reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Excellent customer service – Octopus Energy has won awards for its exceptional customer service. Quick and easy to get support when needed.
  • Simple online account management – You manage your account completely online with Octopus. A few useful tools are included, such as energy consumption insights. 
  • No exit fees – Octopus Energy does not charge exit fees if you decide to switch away. It makes switching risk-free.
  • Referral rewards – Earn £50 credit for every friend referred, as mentioned earlier. 

How to get started with octopus energy?

Switching to Octopus Energy and taking advantage of the referral scheme is simple. 

  1. Sign up with Octopus Energy using a referral link or code. It will ensure the referrer gets their reward.
  2. Complete the online registration. Select your preferred Octopus tariff. Set up your billing preferences and submit the form.
  3. Sit back as Octopus handles the switch. They’ll contact your old supplier and sort everything out. The switch takes about 3 weeks.

Once successfully switched over, you can begin to start referring friends and family to Octopus for free. Don’t forget to share your personal referral code far and wide to maximize savings. Earning £50 credit for every friend referred is an easy way to stack up additional discounts. So, take advantage of the power of Octopus Energy Referral today and start saving money.