Untouched Places in Kashmir that Most Tourists don’t know About

Have you ever dreamed of being in a secluded area surrounded by sharpened pyramid-like mountains, the sound of music scenes, gorgeous cottages here and there peeking through the forest; sweet melodies of Black cranes, and the swaying of waterfalls?

If yes, then you’ll be thinking of Kashmir in your thoughts. The beauty of Kashmir has drawn tourists to it for many years.

Kashmir is a canvas with awe-inspiring beauty.

Kashmir is also called “Paradise on Earth” because of the many things it can provide.

The name suggests a home for Lovely forests and meadows. The sight of huge mists rising from rivers curving into thin spirals, circling the mountains to the left; beautiful meadows and forests. The chinar trees, pineapple and cedar, look serene; soft air gently ruffles the water, causing a pleasant movement between the trees, from which it releases the most delightful sound of the water, creating an aura of tranquillity in the scenery.

Sometimes, clouds rise above the mountains and soothe the eyes of tourists. It’s one of the most breathtaking options for travellers to spend their vacation in the lap of nature.

Magic of Tiny Hamlets

Kashmir is not just known for its well-known tourist destinations such as Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yusmarg or Sonmarg but also for the other places that were not well-known to tourists or the world at large until just a few years ago.

The true magic lies in the small towns of Kashmir, in which tourists enjoy the freshness of a new life because it is unaffected by the harmful impacts of population explosions and pollution.

It’s a world where the skies aren’t cut through the lanes, nor are they cut through overhead lines of power. The less-known Kashmir is indeed the true magic that makes the trip more enjoyable for visitors from across the globe.

1- Chatpal The Land of Sublime Ecstasy

You may have heard of the stunning scenery from Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg or Yusmarg, but no one has been able to describe the beauty of Chatpal Village. Chatpal Village is located in Kashmir. It is among the most stunning tourist spots that are not well-known in Kashmir. It is situated within the Anantnag district in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a good idea to include Chatpal land of Sublime Ecstasy on your Kashmir Trip

Filled by dense forests, mountains that are deep green, stunning expanses of turf surrounded by forest; shepherds and graziers filled with joy, and the lively and occasionally slow River, despite the absence of roads, is an enthralling view. It is the ultimate treasure of peace and tranquillity.

The River’s channel is narrowed due to the barriers made of stone, and the picturesque and majestic mountains stop the flow. This creates a stunning contrast to the serene elegance of the River.

The fresh green hues of trees are unsurpassed in beauty. It’s the best place to spend time with friends and family in the middle of nature and away from the bustle of urban life. A short hike through the woods around Chatpal will provide a memorable experience for adventure enthusiasts.

Perhaps all over the world, there’s no place that is as relaxing as Chatpal.

2- Bangus/ Reshwari – “The Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.”

In the shadows of the obscurity of Bangus is among the least explored tourist spots in Kashmir. Bangus Valley is located in the picturesque Kupwara District. It is surrounded by rich, beautiful wildlife and flora. It is possibly one of the world’s most gorgeous places in the world. When one gazes towards Bangus valley from afar, the sights and sounds of this paradise are stunning in their brilliance.

The pine trees that grow in the forest are breathtaking, and the mountain ridges that reflect in the serene stream that flows from Tilwan Kul, Douda Kul, and Roshan Kul in mirrors are magnificent and stunning.

It is a sanctuary for various animal species, including Brown bear, antelope Musk deer, the majestic snow leopards and gorgeous migrants like Tragopan, Pheasants, Monal Pheasants Bush Quail and numerous others.

The Howkibal Mountains border this valley on its northern side, and Qazinag along with Shamsbery Mountains on the western side.

3- Daksum – Bucket Full of Joy and Adventure

Daksum valley is situated within the Bhringi River, which is ahead of the Mughal Gardens of Achabal. Daksum offers something to all: Scenic beauty for the artist, Mountains for the adventurer’s pleasure and enjoyment of picnics for friends and family and a romantic spot for couples.

Coniferous forests and hidden meadows of grass, and the snowy mountains are never boring. Every mile of Daksum Valley reveals its exquisite beauty.

When the vast dark coniferous forests end and the grassy meadows with brighter colours start. It’s impossible to explain the colours and contrasts you see in the Daksum valley without visiting it at least once.

Tourists in this area can see the beauty of natural springs and enjoy the culture of the traditional villages.

The trail which leads to the Sinthan Pass is decked with stunning beauty. It’s a mixture of excitement and tranquillity. The wooden slopes on both sides of Daksum are covered in grass that creates a picturesque view. It’s a great spot to camp and trek.

It also is a habitat for Trout since the Bhringi River is full of Trout. Tourists can take pleasure in fishing by obtaining approval from J&K, the forest department.

4- Karnah – Beautiful and Sublime Nature

It is located in the Kupwara district located in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. Karnah is a tiny, gorgeous valley that is dotted with lush green meadows and hills that are undulating. A variety of small villages from the traditional adds to the appeal that is Karnah Valley. Karnah village is a testament to the heritage of the past with its monuments, forts and palaces, and weapons and utensils discovered in the area after excavation.

Forested slopes covered with Deodar forests create a beautiful appearance. The beauty and ambience of villages like Tangdar, Teetwal, Gundi Gujran, Amrohi, and Saidpur can take you to another world of joy.

The snowy mountains in Qazi Nag and Nanga Parvat enhance the beauty of Karnah. The inhabitants here represent distinct ancient civilizations with five thousand years of history.

It’s a fantastic spot for adventurers since they can get the thrill of sports like rock climbing, reli skiing and snow skiing. Beautiful meadows, scenic landscapes and lush meadows are the ideal place to relax and enjoy the joys of camping.

To Kishtwar, Karnah is around 85km. Since Karnah is situated at the farthest point of Kashmir and LOC is just a short distance from the region, you must be ready to answer authorities’ questions from the Indian Army.

It’s a large delta filled with fertile soils and cliffs that rise high, eternal snows, and crystal clear waters, making it the perfect place for visitors to get lost in the endless pleasure of the moment Karnah. Karnah.

5- Warwan Valley – Electric Vibes and Thrill Paradise

Marwan Valley is a blissful location to be in tune with nature’s rhythms. Mother Nature is away from the chaos and bustle of city life. It is located 150 kilometres away from Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It takes 3 hours’ travel to Anantnag District.

The attraction of Warwan valley lies in its clear, deep water resulting from stunning waterfalls. These enormous Cedar trees look dark in this picturesque setting and the mysterious, thickly wooded forest.

The beautiful and soothing flowing out of Warwan River, the formidable Kanital Glacier provides a new sensation of peace and relaxation for tourists. The towns in Warwan Valley give a picture of a perfect location.

This picturesque tourist spot is unaffected by the negative consequences of the modern world and therefore enjoys clean weather.

Trail of Never-Ending Adventures

It’s a dream for those who love to trek. The trek routes lead to various places, such as sheshnag in Pahalgam, Sukhnai Chitterguland Aishmuqam in Aishmuqam, and Sukhna Aishmuqam. Kanitalin Panikhar. The forest and vegetation in Warwan Valley are of exquisite beauty. The paths are adorned with stunning views of the lakes. The colours of the lakes offer an exciting spectacle for visitors. Nature has been a great help to Warwan Valley.

6- Watlab

The natural beauty that is unspoiled in Watlab is waiting to be discovered in case you’ve not yet seen the stunning landscapes of the unexplored Kashmir. It is the most stunning location for those who love nature.

An important travel destination in the less well-known places you can visit within Kashmir, Watlab is known for its high hilltop Muslim Shrine of Baba Shukurddin, one of the four disciples of Saint Sufi Nundresi.

It’s a blend of natural beauty and the spiritual touch. This spot still has the atmosphere like that of Baba Shukurddin. Jamadiis usUs Saini 27th of Islamic calendar month by Baba Shakur-Uddin Wali.

As you climb to the summit and climb up to the top, you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama from Wular Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia and the golden-green hues of the paddy fields nearby.

It’s also a wonderful location for birdwatchers because the variety of birds, such as Himalayan gold Eagles, Himalayan Monal, Rock Dove, Barn Shallow and many more, add to the attraction of Watlab. It is also covered with diverse flora and species. Diverse activities such as fishing, bird watching and Shikara rides make the trip in Watlab more exciting.

7- Gurez – Bliss Hidden by Snow

Gurez is a high-altitude Himalayan village that is situated at an altitude of about 2400m. About 86km from Bandipora and approximately 123km away from Srinagar, Gurez is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and is awash with a sparkling panorama due to the presence of the Kishanganga River flowing through the valley.

One of the most stunning places to go to In Kashmir. This valley is home to a small range of wild animals, including brown bears and snow leopards.

The department for tourism in Kashmir offers Gurez Helicopter services to tourists to increase tourism. Due to the heavy snowfall, Gurez is cut off from the outside world from November through May. In the months between November and May, Razdan Pass will be completely covered in snow.

The risk of trekking can be high because of its nearness to the border. But, the beautiful landscapes, the stunning green grass on the forests, fishing in Kishanganga River, Potato and maize fields have the distinctive appeal that is their own.

Unending forests stretch from the valley’s bottom up to the mountains; the stunning beauty of Habba Khatoon Peak offers blissful experiences to tourists. It’s hard to define the beauty in the Gurez valley without having visited it every once in a lifetime.

8- Lolab Valley – Valley of Bliss

Lolab valley also called Wadi – e Lolab is one of the most peaceful and serene places in Kashmir. It is more well-known than other places and is accessible via Road.

Lolab is well-known among visitors for its stunning apple orchards and lakes, springs, paddy fields with shade. Lolab has three mysterious valleys, namely Kalaroos valley, Putnam valley, and Brunai valley.

Nagmart Meadows scenic beauty is an absolute delight for photographers. It is also a great way to separate Lolab and Bandipora District. The presence of the Lahwal River offers a mesmerizing spectacle to visitors.

A village known as Lalpur is the place of the rest of Sage Kashyap. It’s located about one kilometre away from Lolab. Tourists, along with the scenic beauty, take in the peace and spirituality of this beautiful village. You can then explore this charming town.

The springs known as Lavnag and Gauri near Lolab Valley adds to its splendour. The sparkling clear water from the spring is extremely comforting to the spirit.

Himalayan Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Ibex Hangul are just a few of the frequently encountered species in Lolab Valley.

9- Tulail Valley- Hidden Drops of Serenity

It is among the lesser-known gems of Kashmir. It is possible to visit it in a single day from Gurez since it is a Himalayan sub-valley of Gurez. The route to Tulail from Gurez is a scenic route that is part of the Kishanganga River.

Along the way, you’ll see some villages like Barnai, Chakwali, Kashpat, Zargai, and finally, you can view The Purani Tulail village. The beautiful landscapes offer an eye-opener for the senses and eyes. The houses of the Tulail region are constructed with interlocking logs that do not have nails. The valley that is virgin flourishes during summer and is a perfect location for photography. This region is popular for its freshwater Trout.

The dazzling play of misty clouds over the mountains of green, meadows of flowers, and unbound horizons add to the captivating beauty of this valley. It is necessary to obtain a permit to access the Tulail area at the Dawar police Station. Since the village is located within the LOC, it is mandatory to obtain a set of permits at Army Camps and SP.

10- Bhaderwah – The Naaga Bhoomi

If you’d like to taste the flavour of less known Kashmir and not need to endure any hassle, just choose Bhaderwah. Bhaderwah is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas in the Doda district in Jammu & Kashmir.

Bhaderwah is a distinct place from the popular tourist destinations of Kashmir. Because of its mountainous setting, Bhaderwah possesses the significant potential to enhance adventure activities.

Glittering water bodies, an extensive diversity of fauna and flora and rocky terrains, lush grasslands and snow Clad Mountains add to the appeal of Bhaderwah.

Nagraj Vasuki Temple is made of one stone. It is also known in “Nagon Ki Bhoomi” because it is the home of many kinds of snakes. You can experience spiritual bliss by going to this temple.

If you’re an adventurous person, consider some of the adventurous activities such as Paragliding, Skiing, Mountaineering, Rafting and Climbing on rocks, Climbing or even angling.

In the gorgeous countryside of Bhaderwah is Seoj Meadow, which offers paragliding opportunities for tourists. This meadow is a place of peace and tranquillity for those who love nature.

You can also take your summer vacation in Kashmir with an entirely new twist by camping in the Jai Valley of Bhaderwah.