Unveiling The Causes And Cost-Effective Treatments For Trigger Finger

A painful condition, trigger finger syndrome is snapping or locking one finger upon opening or closing. Any one of the five fingers can lock into place or snap back into place with a jerk. It is the most likely culprit since inflammation narrows the tunnel between the tendon and the sheath. The injured finger may get stuck in a permanently bent position in extreme cases. The cost of treating locking finger symptoms (ค่า รักษา อาการ นิ้ว ล็อค, which is the term in Thai) ranges from $ 2305 to $ 8,802.

Causes Of Locking Finger

Although the trigger finger’s root causes are unknown, there are several things you may do to lessen your chances of getting it. For example:

  • Health problems: Trigger fingers are more common in those with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Active hand movements: The ailment typically manifests after vigorous thumb and finger use.
  • Age: The trigger finger mainly affects adults and seldom affects young children. However, a condition known as congenital trigger thumb can cause a child’s thumb to be permanently locked in a flexed position.

Effective Treatments


Resting your hand may help those who have trigger finger symptoms due to excessive use at work or home. For the next three to four weeks, or until your symptoms resolve, you should avoid activities that require repetitive grasping or prolonged use of handheld vibrating instruments.

Exercising And Stretching

Doctors recommend gentle stretching to complement rest, reduce stiffness, and increase mobility.

Steroid Hormones Injections

A steroid injection can often cure the problem. It’s possible to provide a second injection if the first doesn’t help or if the symptoms go away temporarily but return later. Sometimes, doctors try two injections before resorting to surgery.

Apply Ice Pad

Too much cold can produce stiff, aching joints, so it’s essential to apply this procedure cautiously. So, to reduce pain and swelling, ice cold therapy works by decreasing blood flow to the affected area. Use a small cloth to wrap the ice or frozen gel pack before applying it.

Tenolysis Surgery

A small incision is made around the affected finger’s base in severe cases to cut open the compressed segment of the tendon sheath.

When Should Trigger Finger Patients Consult A Physician?

Visit a doctor if you have tingling, numbness, discomfort, or stiffness in your fingers or can’t straighten or bend them. They will investigate your symptoms and then recommend therapy based on their findings. The cost of treating locking finger symptoms depends on the treatment.