Value of Sports Massage for Active Individuals

There are several potential options available for Pleasant Grove massage seekers, and one of the top such avenues for those who regularly participate in sports or other major athletic activities is sports massage. A sub-category of overall massage therapy, sports massage – also called rehabilitative or injury massage – carries numerous benefits for those who are active and may deal with bodily aches, pains or other concerns as a result of this activity. 

In most cases, sports massage will involve types of deep tissue massage that help decrease pain while improving healing and overall bodily function to help athletes return to play quickly and in safe, healthy ways. It may also include massage directly after competition to help limit aches and pains the following day. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of sports massage for active individuals. 

Healing Promotion

For starters, a top priority among those who engage in sporting events or other regular demanding physical activity is healing properly once their activity is finished. Heavy exercise or sports often cause minor injuries that show up in the form of aches, pains or minor strains and muscle pulls, and sports massage helps trigger and amplify the body’s natural healing mechanisms to recover from these issues quickly. 

This is often done through muscle stimulation and deep tissue massage, which can get directly at painful areas and begin to soothe them. 

Improved Range of Motion

Another result of the aches and pains that often accompany sports or heavy activity: Limited range of motion in these areas, often caused by muscle exhaustion or rebuilding processes. Tight or tense muscles often stop you from performing basic tasks – those who lift weights, for instance, will recall how hard it can be to lift their arms over their head after a particularly tough day of upper body lifting. 

Sports massage, however, helps stabilize the muscles and joints and promotes their rebuilding processes. Many participants find their return to a full range of motion is much faster when they complement recovery with professional sports massage targeted directly at their problem areas. 

Relaxation and Overall Wellness

Finally, sports massage – like other forms of massage therapy – is beneficial not only for healing, but also overall relaxation and body wellness. Massage therapy improves everything from vitality to feelings of self-esteem, helping patients feel stronger and more confident for the next time they’re stepping onto the field of play.