Vintage Posters That Memorialize The Past

There are high quality scanned images inspired by original vintage posters that can be found in canvas prints, framed prints, wall decals or simply paper prints. The vintage posters for sale represent events and advertisements from the early 1900s to the 1960s. Some of the posters are considered collectibles today. 

History’s most famous posters

  1. The Moulin Rouge poster is a bold 4-color lithograph of a famous cancan dancer to advertise the French club, Moulin Rouge. An estimated 3,000 copies were printed and used as advertising posters. The posters became an instant sensation and captivated the French people with its eye-catching design. 
  2. The I Want YOU for US Army poster was a famous 1917 poster that aimed to recruit soldiers to fight during World War I and World War II. The poster that shows a commanding Uncle Sam pointing his finger and urging young people to join the army is one of the most memorable images of American history. 
  3. Lord Kitchener Wants You is the British poster that influenced its American’s equivalent. Lord Kitchener was the British Secretary of State who was depicted wearing the cap of a British Field Marshal urging people to join the British Army. Aside from the US, it also inspired imitation in the Soviet Union. 

We Can Do It poster started as an American wartime propaganda poster in 1914. 

  1. The poster was briefly displayed but in 1943, it was rediscovered and named Rosie the Riveter and used by Westinghouse Electric as an inspirational poster to boost female worker morale. It became a symbol of feminism and political empowerment. 
  2. The Coca Cola Santa Claus poster has significantly affected the American culture and popularized the images of a white-bearded, cheerful and plump Santa Claus. The image persists until today. 
  3. See America posters were used during the 1930 Great Depression to attract tourists to visit American National Parks. US President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted the project to encourage economic growth. 
  4. The Kabaret poster combined sex and politics in a stockinged swastika. It was used to promote the 1972 film Cabaret, a musical that reveals Berlin’s underbelly and the growing shadow that was cast by the Nazi party. 
  5. The poster of Jaws captured the fear of the unknown in one image. It showed a moment before the shark with its ragged rows of teeth attacked Chrissie Watkins. Jaws, the movie became a Spielberg blockbuster. 
  6. The Peace poster used the universal sign of peace for the British nuclear disbarment movement. The lines within the circle mirror the letters N and D that stands for nuclear disbarment.

Vintage posters have shaped history in small and big ways. Scanned copies of these vintage posters can be hung on the wall to express a strong statement.