Virtual Phone Number and Their Role in Business Development

Well established business requires toil to grow it. Business men and entrepreneurs spends every minute of their life trying to take their business to new heights. Customer relation plays an important role in every business. Any unprofessional behavior can lead to image destruction and low business. So, never allow unprofessional communication to spoil all efforts to hamper success. Best Virtual Phone System For Small Business are used to quickly respond to the customers and resolve their issues in a professional manner. It is boon to small business set up. Just buy a virtual number from grasshopper alternatives such as Mightycall and multiple users can be added on the same number from all over the globe.

Understanding the concept of virtual number

So, here is a quick guide to what exactly virtual number is and how it works?

It is just a phone number which is not connected to any telephone line and, can be used anywhere in world from any location. It is technically known as DID i.e. direct inward dialing. This works on the basic step of routing all the incoming calls from one phone number to the other. So, it acts as a mediator to direct the call to the executive whom customer want to speak with.

Virtual phone number uses an internet connection and it is very common among global communications and has wide role in BPO’s.  These numbers are readily available all across the globe. They are now considered as the backbone to any business as they link customer to the technical staff quickly, that can be in any country.  It has given more power to business settlement and control over communication.

Voice over IP (VoIP) offers virtual numbers that enables the employees of any business to have a command over professional communication with all ease and flexibility.

The main features of virtual phone number:

  • Call forwarding/ call transfer: It redirects the call, messages, even e-mails to the technical team for customer support when demanded. It can be great help to business by swift sail of communication between customer and company.
  • Call queuing and do not disturb: If some expert is busy attending other client the call queuing facility can send a voice mail that the call will be shortly taken and places the incoming call in a line.
  • Call conference: Third person can be added i.e. group calls or conference can be available by this facility. Therefore, you can discuss business ideas just as in a conference room.
  • Auto attendant and call barging: The supervisor or any other technician from other department can be connected to the ongoing call.
  • Call recording: Every call can be recorded to know the agents performance and can be stored for further use. Sometimes the recorded calls help to solve queries more efficiently.
  • Voice mail and missed call alert: By this feature, the business holder will never miss any lead as there will be an alert generated as voice mail or through email if any call is not received.
  • On hold music is available during queuing.

Virtual phone number is cost-effective, multi-functional, flexible and portable to use and strengthen the business.