Visiting a Vet Clinic: How to Keep Your Pets Calm

Pets are like humans because they also feel stress and anxiety when encountering unfamiliar situations. For pets, going to a vet clinic in Singapore is like going to a new town for a person. Everything is strange, from the face of the doctors, the smell, and even other pets. Due to this overwhelming situation, pets will show signs of anxiety because they feel uneasy with what’s happening around them. Unfortunately, some owners have no patience, and they will show agitation toward their pets by forcing them to stay calm. It will not work this way!

The pets will feel more anxiety, and you need to calm them down differently. It’s challenging to deal with animals as they can’t speak for themselves. But luckily, as a human being, you can pick some signs and know that your pets are uncomfortable. As a responsible pet parent, you need to make your pets at ease while visiting a vet clinic. This way, your trip to the doctor will be a successful one. To achieve this, better continue reading the article for more information.

How to Know if Your Pets Need to Visit a Vet Clinic

Pets will feel more stressed if you drag them into a vet clinic without a valid reason. Remember, pets can also distinguish your behaviour, and you must act responsibly and reasonably as an owner. There are a set of reasons why a pet needs to visit a vet clinic in Singapore, and find more about them in this section.

  • Annual Check-Up – Like humans, pets also need a checkup because you have to track their health status. You can also ask the doctor if you need to follow up on any vaccination requirements, like anti-rabies and anti-distemper. You can also buy wellness products from a pet clinic in Singapore with annual checkups.
  • Showing Illness Symptoms – Since pets can’t talk, you must be observant of their symptoms. Look if they are showing signs of lack of appetite, vomiting, lethargy, coughing, etc. If the symptoms persist, better visit a vet clinic for a professional consultation.
  • Gain More Knowledge About Pet Care – You can also visit a clinic to learn about pet care. As a pet owner, you are responsible for knowing more about the right ways of taking care of your dogs, cats, fish, or even rabbits. The best way to learn is to ask their veterinarian directly.
  • Spaying and Neutering – Spaying and neutering mean the removal of the reproductive organs of your pets. It’s an excellent way to prevent testicular cancer, especially for male pets. You can also try cat sterilization in Singapore to prevent cat overpopulation as they can wander and mate with other cats.
  • Lack of Appetite –Pets love to eat! No wonder they will beg for your food while you’re eating at a dining table. If they suddenly lack appetite, there are many reasons behind that. It could be because of infections, diseases, and even depression. So, better visit a pet clinic to know the reasons behind the behaviour.

Once your pets show the signs above, it’s a valid reason to go to a vet clinic. However, your pets are acting nervous when visiting a clinic. Here are ways to make the pet clinic visit less stressful to calm them down.


How to Ease Your Pet’s Worry When Visiting a Vet Clinic

A vet clinic is too overwhelming for a pet; the smell of other animals, the sight of a new environment, and the unfamiliarity of the routine. Naturally, your pets will show signs of agitation, and as a fur parent, you should ignore this. It’s better to take notice of their behaviour. Learn how to ease their worries when visiting a pet clinic in Singapore with the tips below.

1) Show Calmness and Relaxing Voice

Pets are perceptive about their surroundings. And they will notice a change in your voice whether you feel agitated or relaxed. Surprisingly, your pets can pick up on your emotion, and for sure, you don’t want to make them feel more nervous. Instead of forcing them to stay calm by shouting or hitting them, you need to show self-control and discipline. Show some compassion and understanding because visiting a vet clinic can be stressful for pets.

 It’s better to show calmness and a relaxing voice. Just act as if everything is normal. Avoid acting like you’re also worrying, as it can aggravate the emotional reaction of your pets. Try to be reassuring as it can help your pets feel less anxious.

2) Practice Going to Vet at a Young Age

When your pets are still puppies and kittens, try to bring them to a vet clinic for dog and cat vaccination in Singapore. This way, they won’t fear going to the clinic as they already know their doctors and are already familiar with the place. Try to make them feel comfortable when going to the clinic. For instance, you can bring their favourite toy or snacks, so they won’t think something is wrong. Once at the clinic, be by their side to ease their worries.

3) Put Them Inside a Crate

If your pets are easily distressed by a vet clinic’s busy and hectic environment, you can put them inside a crate to lessen the stressor. If the pet is too big, you can ask the veterinarian if they can wait outside, perhaps in your car or somewhere more peaceful, away from the crowd. Especially if they take dog vaccination in Singapore, dogs will feel that something is going to happen, so make them feel as comfortable as possible.

4) Find a Friendly Vet

Another way to keep your pets calm is to find a friendly doctor. Find someone who knows how to alleviate the fear and anxiety of a pet. They would learn how to handle agitated pets and will do necessary actions to make them calm down. So, when looking for a pet clinic, find more friendly doctors to make your visit less stressful.

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