Volleyball Positions And The Skills Required For These Positions

Volleyball is a fast-paced sport and this is why the players need athletic ability. There are six positions in this sport and each position requires the player to have unique skills sets to do their jobs well. Below is a list of all volleyball positions and how the players in these positions should carry out their duties.

The Setter

The setter is a very important player in every volleyball team. The setter is the player that sets up the attack of his or her team. This player’s role is to set up the ball perfectly for the attacking players to spike. Without the setter, you will not see spikes or technical ball moves in the game. To do an excellent job, the setter needs a delicate touch, effective communication skills and excellent volleyball skills.

The Outside Hitter

This player is the lead attacker for his or her team. This player is also called the left-side hitter and this is an appropriate description. To succeed as an outside hitter, you need quick feet and fast hands. The outside hitter works closely with the setter to carry out offensive moves. To succeed as an outside hitter, you should be able to jump high, hit the ball with considerable force and have the ability to adapt to different situations. In addition, the outside hitter should always be prepared to make excellent hits because the ball will not always be placed where this player wants it.

The Opposite Hitter

This player is the second half of the volleyball attack force. The opposite hitter is also called the right-side hitter. Like the left side hitter, the opposite hitter needs first class attacking skills, excellent jumping ability and great hitting skills. This player also needs one additional skill. This is the ability to receive the serves from the opposing team. If the opposite hitter and the outside hitter do their jobs properly, the team will probably win most of their matches.

The Middle Blocker

This position usually goes to the tallest player on the volleyball team. The middle blocker is also called the middle hitter. This player serves as the first line of defense against the other team. The role of this player is to anticipate attacks from the opposing team and break down these attacks. Now, this position is not a defense-only position because a smart middle blocker should recognize opportunities to attack and utilize these opportunities. A great middle blocker is the one who can easily switch from defense to attack with great results.

The Defensive Specialist

This player focuses on passing and ball control. This player is the one player on the volleyball team who can substitute any player on the court. The defensive specialist works well with the team’s libero.

The Libero

This player wears a different colored jersey and operates in accordance with certain rules. The libero does not attack the ball at the net and does not play a set for an attacker from the front. The libero plays from the back row and is the ideal person to receive hits from the opposing team.

Final Word

As you can see, volleyball is an interesting sport. The six players occupy different positions but the work together as a team.