Wall art ideas to decorate your home

The largest uninterrupted space in your home is the walls. The walls can a blank canvas that can set the tone of the room or the house as per your wish. Decorating walls has always been a creative challenge for homeowners and the modern interior decorator looks beyond the norm for a fresh design. Over the years, it has gotten easier to get access to the kind of decorative pieces envisioned with a particular space. For example, picking out something as big as furniture or as small as bathroom hooks can be done whilst looking at countless options online. Something as trivial as ordering a wall clock online can now be done post doing thorough research.

The need to beautify smaller spaces with time has ensured that wall décor evolves beyond the confines of mere articles and paintings. Let’s take a quick look at some ideas that can be implemented to raise the bar.

  1. Wall to wall – Wall-to-wall murals relay a feeling of intimacy and exclusivity at the same time. The feeling that you are viewing a piece of art within your living space adds a wow factor to your living area.
  2. Patterned walls – Use of patterns matching that of textures of your soft furnishings give an inviting yet formal look to your room. The patterned walls when designed to complement the rug or the carpet in the room, emitting a feeling that the walls reflect the floor.
  3. 3D wall art – 3-dimensional abstract wall art can add depth to the room and attract attention. Hence, this kind of wall art can be used in rooms where there are a greater number of furniture pieces.
  4. Using window space – If you are an art collector and running out of space to display your favorite pieces of art, you can utilize a window to hang your painting. This can also be done to hide a less than ideal view from the window.
  5. Grid Tales – A grid of co-relating photos or parts of the same photo to form a bigger picture can be a fun way of displaying your best memories innovatively. The same can be applied to paintings. A grid of smaller parts of a painting to form a larger canvas lends an artistic look to the room.
  6. Rugs – The best way to add textures to your walls is by literally adding different textures in the form of rugs or antique scrolls. You can lighten up a room by just using bright small rugs or scrolls in different corners.
  7. Hang decorative plates – Hanging decorative plates on walls, especially in the dining area gives an old-school charm to the place.
  8. Framed – Keep it simple by framing solid dark colors for light or white walls. Framing botanicals can add a lively yet delicate touch to the ambiance.
  9. Micro décor – Adding small decorations can be good for the dollhouse as well as for your house.

Let your imagination run wild!